GoPro Video: An Angler’s Joy

The fall bite is officially here. With “Albie fever” showing up along the Southern New England coast, it’s hard to ignore one’s passion for fishing.  I live with a few crazed fisherpeople, who can’t see or think straight with every fishing story passed along. Where is the bite? What are they eating? What time of day? What tide? By boat or from shore? And that’s just the mania of the saltwater fisherman.

Brent, like many of the crazed freshie fisherpeople, don’t rely on a seasonal bite along the salty coast as the freshwater seems to offer a longer season. Brent is a pro who admits the travel to the venues is the hardest part of his pro-fisherman job. But I can think of a long list of fisher friends who would gladly drive days and miles trailering the fishing boat to find the bite. Brent, as a family guy, might be getting tired of the travel, but as is the secret with most working parents, getting the family behind you makes the challenge and the time apart more bearable.  And before he knows it his son will be begging to come along, to be his boat driver or his hook baiter… to just be with dad. Lucky Brent. Poor fishies.

Fishing Tips: How to Make an Eel Bucket

The fall striper run is almost here which brings our friends, the eels, back to popularity. Eels are great live bait for catching monster stripers and this video is a great way to make a bucket to keep your eels alive and “happy” while they await their fishing assignment. (aka death!)

This is an easy way to keep the eels cool and alive and keep the cooler aboard slime free. Follow TJ as he shows you how to make your very own DIY eel bucket in very little time. And who doesn’t want to go wrestle a monster striper or 6? Eels are a pretty sure way to snag a bite, but you can’t be putting dead or even sleepy eels on that hook – a lively eel will attract attention and look like a delicious dinner for a hungry striper. Take it from TJ…. he knows fishing!

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Father’s Day Gifts for the Nauti Dad

If your dad loves boating or fishing or just being on the water, we have some cool gear that will make your Father’s Day shopping much easier. There are lots of cool ways to keep dad safe and happy and on the water this year – so check out the pics, descriptions and links to buy listed below.

Father’s Day is NEXT WEEKEND – June 21st – so get shopping!  You’re welcome!

ACR AquaLink 406 Personal Locator Beacon
    Keep Dad safe and alive when Dad goes overboard or goes boating alone. A PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) will give his exact position to USCG and local marine authorities in the event of a mishap aboard. The ACR AquaLink 406 MHz PLB is a fully buoyant, lightweight personal locator beacon for use in emergency situations anywhere in the world. In the event of an emergency, simply deploy the antenna and turn on. The Aqualink 406 will immediately activate the GPS and transmit LAT/LON to local SAR using a powerful 406 MHz signal.

Trailer Mounted Boat Lift
    The TotalBoat Trailer-Mounted Boat Lift is a safe, stress-free way to raise a boat weighing up to 10,000 pounds up to 12″ above the bunks or rollers, by yourself. Do routine maintenance with your boat still securely attached to the trailer.
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How to Tie 3 Common Fishing Knots

A few years back, a fish-whisperer named TJ worked for JD. While he was here we called on every one of his fishing talents to better serve the world of fisher people. So as the waters warm and the worm hatches and other telltale signs of fishing season appear, we turn again to the sage TJ for advice on how to tie great fishing knots that won’t leave you with a snapped line or a even worse….a slipped knot! If fish could “flip you off” and laugh as they swam away from your shoddy knot, you know they would.

Dreaming of Fishing…


Candy for Fisherpeople on Clearance in the JD Store! 

Here fishy, fishy…. Are you DONE with winter? Were you one of the crazies (like Our pal Brian, JD Call Center Guru pictured below) who drilled holes in the ice and took advantage of the hard water?  If so – powa to ya! And if not – well then hone your hooks and spool your reels and come by JD for some sweet deals on fishing gear. The blues and bass will be running before you know it! And we can’t wait!

And well, if you can’t wait, call us up (800-423-0030), ask for Brian and find out where he’s honing these babies…doesn’t he look proud? Or is it frozen? Either way – COOL! (literally)


How to Rig a Berkley Grub with Jimmy Decker

Check out this video by Abu Garcia featuring Captain Jimmy Decker and the Berkley series saltwater Grub. Today Jimmy will be showing us how to rig one of these lures to help you bring those fishing tales to life.

UNTIE THE LINES #9 – Charging Up The Batteries


Part 9 of WhiteSpotSpirate’s weekly sailing documentary, “Untie the Lines”:

“This week we are charging up our batteries in Bocas del Toro (Panama). A perfect short vacation with snorkeling, spearfishing and nice dinners with old and new friends before we head back to Shelter Bay to fix my good old Karl.”

Quest for the Perfect Snell Knot

This video was sent to us by our associates over at, a website which celebrates New England boating lifestyle with news, videos, articles and much more. In this video, Tom Richardson searches for the perfect snell knot.