See How a Master Outfits Her FolkBoat

This is one of the most popular videos on our JD TV YouTube channel. Carol Hasse has logged over 45,000 miles at sea! And her sailmaking is legendary among serious blue water sailors. Step inside her sweet Folkboat that looks small, but she sure packs lots into the boat that she voyages on all over. She even gives some great cruising locations and secret spots for overnights that everyone can appreciate. But most ingenious is how she packs every single necessity into this small boat and manages to have room for herself, for sleeping and cooking and enjoying wonderful sailing.

Take a look and let us know what you think! I think it’s almost time to go cruising – and this video is giving me the itch to get the boat ready for Spring!  Enjoy!


Across the Atlantic in my Folkboat

Leo Goolden tells the story of his voyage from Falmouth, England to the Caribbean, much of it solo and without GPS, in his rebuilt 25-footer.
(Article of Courtesy Classic Boat Magazine) 

clas15-1544 I hoist the mainsail with the mooring lines still tied. A few curious faces peer over the railings. “Is that a Folkboat?” says an old fella’ with a bag of chips. “Where you off to?” “France!” I say. He gives me an odd look and wanders off down the stone quay. I hoist the jib, untie the spring, and flick the bow line over the bollard.

I back the jib, holding the clew to leeward on the foredeck until the bow falls off a little, and then give the wall a good kick from the stern. I take up the slack in the main sheet as Lorema bears away and the sails fill, the wake widens, and I hear the sound of the water accelerating over the clinker planks.

As I pass Trefusis point, I turn and wave goodbye to Falmouth and Cornwall and all the friends I have made there – until next time. After two years it feels like home, but I am finally embarking on the trip I have planned for so long, and I can barely contain my excitement and nerves. I am heading south, destination unknown, and it feels good.clas15-2234
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