Grain “Build A Wooden Surfboard” Workshops Get A New Home in NY

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We’ve long been friends of the guys at the Grain Surfboards shop up in Maine. They are great customers who source their green epoxy from us (Entropy Resins) and who are spreading their board building stoke all over the United States. From Maine, where they have home-base on a sweet farm, to California where they toured with their workshops last summer, to their new digs in Montauk, New York – these guys are onto something. People (surfers!) want to build, they want to use their hands and massage a meaningful project that will endure, that is sustainable, and that will provide lots of pleasure in return.  Continue reading

Grain Surfboards Is Coming to Rhody

So what if you’re not from Little Rhody? Like to bodysurf? Love beaches and waves and boats and bridges? Then Little Rhody could be a great summer weekend visit and you can drop off your bodysurfer at one of these 2 local surf shops for a 4-hour hand plane workshop and hit the beach or waves while they shape.

Our pals at Grain make the coolest rides on the waves – from their home state of Maine where they source local timbers, to Little Rhody where they understand our passion for the ocean, they are loading up the truck and coming our way for 2 shaping workshops. They provide the tools, materials and guidance and you provide the passion to make something super cool.

Find them on the 26th (Sunday) at WaterBros in Newport from 10-2pm (so much to see and do in Newport!) and on Friday the 31st at Matunuck Surf Shop from 3-7pm. (Ever been to the legendary Ocean Mist beach bar in Matunuck? Now’s your chance!)

Hand planes are everywhere, and if you haven’t seen or tried one, you’re missing out. They are a blast in the waves and open up a whole new world of waveriding possibilities.

Grain says they love shaping hand planes because of the freedom that solid wood gives you. It’s a great way to start out getting acquainted with hand tools and familiarizing yourself with the basic elements of hydrodynamics.

Grain’s hand plane blanks are designed with two template shapes lightly engraved in (or you can create your own shape), plus custom engraving to accept our hand plane strap hardware. They come with a 100% recycled hand strap and custom attachment hardware (no plastic used), some 120 grit sandpaper, natural polyurethane made from bi-products of the Vermont dairy industry, even some instructions to help you along the way. Grab yourself a spokeshave or block plane and you’ll be out in the water in no time.

See you at WaterBros or Matunuck Surf Shop!

Psst – Hey! You can buy a Grain Surfboard Kit from us here and build your own this fall and winter – and be riding next summer!

Grain’s Northeast Hand Plane Tour = Bodysurfing Magic

In Grain’s world, handplane shaping is like a gateway drug.  And their traveling handplane workshops are short and sweet opportunities to try your hand with some fun edge tools and come away with a sweet little surf-craft complete with the coolest strap system you’ve ever seen.

This summer, we’re celebrating 10 years of building and sharing by visiting shops in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York where they’ll set up our communal handplane shaping table and bust out some shavings.  Check here for more info and sign up online to ensure a spot at the table.

Tuition includes the wood, handstrap and hardware, our guidance and the use of all the tools necessary to create your own wave sliding masterpiece.

Here’s the list of stops on the handplane tour, including some local pals down along the coast at Water Brothers in Newport and Matunuck Surf Shop. Check out a workshop and get addicted to bodysurfing with a handplane. (and to shaping it yourself!)

Maine Surfers Union   July 9th          2-6pm    (Portland, ME)
Greenlines                  July 23rd        4-8pm    (Montauk, NY)
WaterBros                  July 26th       10-2pm   (Newport, RI)
Matunuck Surf Shop  July 31st        3-7pm     (Matunuck, RI)
Noreaster                   August 2nd    10-2pm   (Scituate, MA)
Sick Days                   August 4th     3-7pm     (Wellfleet, MA)

Last Day to Win this Sweet GRAIN Surfboard

Screenshot 2015-04-29 11.33.43

Today is the LAST DAY to enter to win this rad GRAIN Surfboard. This Friday, we’re picking the winner of this @jonwegenersurfboards 5’5″ Mr. Simmons with a quad fin setup by @pushfins. Grain built this board as part of our Right Coast Road Trip, and are stoked to have all the proceeds be donated to The Nature Conservancy, through the @dogfishbeer Beer & Benevolence program. @visslasurf @totalboat


Enter Here:

TotalBoat on Instagram

Martha's #grain #surfboard is almost ready to ride the waves... Leash tie and vent installed. Lookin sweet! @grainsurfboards now we just need some #sun and #surf!

Martha’s #grain #surfboard is almost ready to ride the waves… Leash tie and vent installed. Lookin sweet! @grainsurfboards now we just need some #sun and #surf!

TotalBoat on Instagram

#Couples who #spray together.... Well, you know..... #madmartha and her man apply another coat of #awlcraft on her #grain #surfboard #shopnight rules

#Couples who #spray together…. Well, you know….. #madmartha and her man apply another coat of #awlcraft on her #grain #surfboard #shopnight rules