‘Hugo Boss’ Skippers Abandon Ship and are Rescued off Spain

What a huge bummer for Alex Thomson and Team Hugo Boss. In a “shakedown” of sorts – and a rather aggressive one, at that – Thomson and his co-skipper for the 2 man Transat Jacques Vabre Race, Guillermo Altadill, started the 5400 mile Transat Jacque Vabres race from Le Havre, France to Itajai, Brazil on Sunday the 25th of October.  On October 31, a scary day indeed for the 2 sailors, they set off their EPIRB requiring a rescue from their brand new, sinking IMOCA 60 monohull, Hugo Boss.

The entire fleet who set off from France on the 5,400 mile double-handed race to Itajai, Brazil, confronted seriously damaging winds and huge seas and many of the boats were forced to retire from the race. Thomson and Altadill had turned Hugo Boss around to head back to Spain to look into repairs needed to repair “structural issues” to the new boat, and in the 36 hours heading back to shore, the boat continued to break and it became obvious that it was starting to sink forcing the rescue some 82 miles off the coast of Spain.

Once the 2 men arrived safely back on land, the team began the effort to recover the damaged boat and tow it safely back to make further repairs in hopes to get the boat in shape to race in Alex’s goal: the Vendee Globe which starts on 6 November, 2016. Plenty of time, we would hope, to get the boat in proper ocean going shape for a round-the-world adventure. Thomson hopes to become the first non-French skipper to win the Vendee Globe, a crazy solo, non-stop race around the world.

Check out the rescue video from the Spanish Coast Guard. They must have been very busy with all the retired boats off the coast of Spain. It is great news that Thomson’s boat has been recovered and is alongside in A Coruna, Spain.

Maybe they should have brought along some (lots) of THIXO? It’s boat repair magic…

Follow the team’s rebuild and news updates on their website: http://www.alexthomsonracing.com/news


The New Hugo Boss: Boat Building and Aesthetic

British yachtsman, Alex Thomson, unveiled and launched his brand new IMOCA “Open” 60 foot racing machine this week with the same sponsor name emblazoned on the hull and sails: Hugo Boss. Another big name sponsor brought their brand to the boat as well, with Mercedes Benz coming to the team, also focused on winning a number of ocean racing events.

First up is the Transat Jaques Vabre which is a 5200 mile race from the coast of France to Itajai, Brazil. Thomson and a crew will race doublehanded along the route, setting out to prove that this boat can win not only Transatlantic races, but also nonstop solo around the world racing.


The hull is state of the art, the design of the deck hearkens the deeply buried honeycomb heart of the carbon fiber machine and Thomson, who most recently had to retire from the Barcelona World Race with a broken mast, is looking to set course and world records with his new black boat. Watch the video and get psyched to watch Alex and team race Hugo Boss to the ends of the earth.

And from the madman files – we showed you his MastWalk stunt which followed his KeelWalk stunt – so who can even begin to guess what kind of a stunt he will next attempt…. it will be exciting to see Alex and his team put this boat to the test.