TotalBoat Team @ the O’Pen Bic North Americans

Kids from all over our American map flocked to Charleston last weekend for the O’Pen Bic North American UNRegatta. We know all about these cool regattas since we hosted one of our own last summer and plan to do so again this summer – read about it here). So we sent down some sailor spies to get the skinny and do some reconnaissance for us and their report: AWESOME FUN!

Watch this video and you will see right away that kids enjoy the sport and fun and not as much of the crazy stressful competition. That is not to say our TotalBoat reps who were sailing were not competitive – on the contrary….they represented Team TotalBoat and finished in the top of the fleet.

Check out the website from the event and then grab yourself or your kiddo an O’Pen Bic of their own (we sell lots of them!) and you will see the massive fleet growth that is taking place almost weekly, especially in the northeast where we are spreading the word and stoke via our Demo program which was an awesome success last summer.

Hop aboard and hold on tight!





O’Pen Bic Intergalactic Video and Boat Sale

TOO. MUCH. FUN! In the midst of storm prep or storm avoidance it’s fun to look back at this crazy event this past summer. Kids had smiles for days after the first ever O’pen Bic Intergalactic RI Championships. Big breeze and a big crowd of sailors brought wild conditions and enthusiasm to the shores near the Tiverton YC, host of this awesome Un-Regatta. See – it wasn’t about winning this time – everyone got awards and everyone had a blast racing with a teammate on some pretty nutty courses. And everyone swam. A bunch. Not the scary kinda capsize, but planned – even mandated – capsizing mid race to see who could best recover and scoot to the finish.

The O’pen Bics are showing up all over the East Coast and beyond. The West Coast has a number of fleets popping up and around here – especially post Intergalactic event – clubs and families are embracing this fun, fast and fairly wet kind of racing.

We took demo boats on the road this summer (read about the Bic Summer Tour here) to spread the stoke about how cool they are to sail. And the people loved the tour. Junior sailors flocked to the trailer of boats to check them out and be first in line to take it out. (Watch the video about the Summer Tour here)  Kids readily handed off the tiller of their Opti for a chance to rip around in the O’pen Bics! And our little fleet of Bics rocked it’s way around New England – steadily adding to the list of enthusiasts. And to the list of boat owners. So next year when Bic madness ensues – there will be a longer list of local clubs and sailors ready to Un-Regatta with the best of ’em!

And now is your chance! Pick up one of these gently used boats from the summer tour for a great price. The boat retails for over $3200 but you can grab one of these boats for $2400.  (fully rigged, lightly used, no dolly or covers.) Grab one now and tuck it away for the sweet spring sailing we all love. To inquire about the boats contact or grab a brandy new boat here.

Vixen’s Voyage

Here is some more fodder for those of you who are dreaming of a live aboard life. The boat doesn’t have to be fancy or large, just solid and seaworthy. This family of four has toured the world aboard their 34′ wooden sailboat, sparing themselves from monthly bills, a mortgage and best of all – real 9-5 jobs.

Take a little glimpse into the enchanted and simple yet gratifying life of this family. Enjoying the simple life seems to work for them and their family. Boat repairs and maintenance, the most important safety concern, are not tedious because of Dad’s boatbuilding skills. And home-schooling and child rearing is made enjoyable with lots of help from Mother Nature and gifts of culture and humanity from around the world.  Would you raise a young family aboard a 34′ boat?

Kidz in Motion: Opti Sailing

This is a fun little interview from an enthusiastic and somewhat expert Optimist sailor. This young lady goes over the whole program – how to rig the sail and what makes her love it and why she races. You can tell that she loves her little “bathtub” opti and takes pride in being able to explain all the parts and pieces to a seemingly less educated audience.

I was recently speaking with a friend about kids and opti racing… and this sage sailor boiled down for me what he estimates to be the difference between the kids who excel and those who struggle or just… sail. His claim is that it’s all about the attention span, and that sending these kids out to race for 4-6 races in a day really requires a serious attention span. And not just to all the boat and sail parts to adjust for increased speed on your boat – also to the race course, the competition, the wind, weather, waves and current. And staying hydrated and rigging correctly and listening to your coach and adjusting quickly to unforeseen tweaks, changes and course alterations based on teammates and fellow competitors. WHEW! That’s a lot to think about for any normal adult, much less the increasingly challenged attention span of today’s kids.

But this lady has it down. Even if it is like “having an internet browser with 50 million tabs open at once,” She seems focused and committed to doing well and being her own commander.

I’d sail with this fine captain any day. (preferably not in an Opti, though.)



O’Pen Bic RI Intergalactics Were a Blast!

IMG_1950A forecast of 20+ knots and hazy, hot and humid weather did NOT deter the 60+ junior sailors yesterday at the O’Pen Bic Intergalactic RI UnRegatta. It was a huge success with super swag, amazing prizes (Thanks, Charlie Enright for the signed shirt off your back for first place prize!) and some super FUN and sweet sailing in our secret cove.

With a variety of exciting courses set up by the Mike3 RC, (3 Mikes busted butt to put this thing on. All other Mike’s invited to help next year! And many other volunteers were paramount to the event’s success, like Scoring Goddess, Nina M.) the kids had a blast and were treated to some super fun and challenging sailing in Gull Cove.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Every sailor was paired with another in anticipation of switching off and a building afternoon breeze which lent itself nicely to sailing with a buddy.  Courses were set up for some crazy buoy racing, a capsize race where all sailors went for a swim when the horn sounded, a stand up course where you had to stand for the whole race! and some wacky, narrow navigating around rocks and squirt gunning teammates through a slender cut about as wide as the trailers used to bring the boats to the event.

Ice Cream and pizza was served for all and new friends and awesome memories were made.  The winning team of Olin Guck and Ronan M. were surprised with an epic first place prize of signed Team Alvimedica shirts from our hometown hero Volvo Ocean Race skipper, Charlie Enright. (see last photo in slide show of a very stoked first place winner!)

These fun UNregattas which have become an O’Pen Bic thing, are a great way to run a junior sailing event. The focus was on involving everyone, having fun, staying safe and fast, awesome sailing!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks to all the Mikes, all the volunteers and to the yacht clubs, parents, coaches and sailors who showed up with their FUN factor in place and raring to go. Let’s do it again next year!  (or go to Hyannis, MA on August 11 for the next nearby UnRegatta!)

Fun movie from GoPro footage coming soon! If you have footage to submit for inclusion, please send to
And if your kid is begging: Buy your own O’pen Bic here!

“Paint Chip” Debuts on the Racecourse!

A few years ago, when my son was barely able to steer without help on his sailing camp’s Mercury sailboat, he was handed down a pretty beat up Optimist dinghy. It was better than Christmas when we went to drag the boat out of a leaf pile, under the tree of a very lovely fellow Yacht Club family.  The mom made some funny comments about the boat repair work her son had attempted on the boat years ago and wished us *luck* with the latest member of our fleet. And just like that an obsession was born. My now ten year old son, Oliver had his OWN boat to work on. He had big plans for repairing the ignored dents and a new paint job and oh my gosh – what would he name it? The ideas and dreams were circling inside his head and such is the story of yet another man (to-be) with big boat ideas and little practical knowledge. Continue reading

US Sailing Youth Championships are in Town

Just as the carnival, parade floats and 4th of July gawkers rolled out of town on Sunday the 5th, there was a parade of youth sailors entering town. Bristol, RI – who, as we told you, is host to the nation’s oldest 4th of July parade – saw over 300,000 people line the red, white and blue striped parade route (the stripe in the road is literally r, w & b). Today marks the start of the US Youth Sailing Championship Regatta bringing over 160 of the top young sailors in the country to the Ocean State for this pinnacle event for youth sailors under 20 in the U.S.

The invite only regatta has five classes racing on Narragansett Bay and Mount Hope Bay beginning today through Friday, July 10. Many of this week’s winners will qualify for the US Sailing Team Sperry Youth World Team and compete at the 2015 ISAF Youth World Championships in Malaysia.

The event marks the grand opening of the nearly completed Richard L. Bready Mount Hope Bay Sailing and Education Center at Roger Williams University.  The sailing center is perfectly suited for the event and allows the University to shine as a recent addition to top college sailing teams.

Classes being sailed are:
– Laser Standard – Laser Radial – Int’l 420 – 29er – F16 catamarans

Check out the photos, viewing info, event updates and more here.

You’re Invited: Renaissance Regatta – July 16th, Providence, RI

Each July, Community Boating Center (CBC) in Providence, RI organizes and runs a “Renaissance Regatta,” as their main annual fundraiser.  Part of their revenue comes from dues, but a large percentage of the students are on scholarship, so they rely on grants, sponsorships, and donations to pay their operating expenses. Jamestown Distributors is proud to sponsor the event and lend our company President, Mike Mills, to the Board of Directors. At least come to the party to heckle Mike as he does his “sponsor” thing.

During the Regatta, sponsors have the opportunity to come down to our boathouse, meet our sailors, and (should they choose), go out on the water for a sail or fun race with some of the kids and other sponsors.  We organize a silent auction and barbecue, and it’s a chance for us to toast all of CBC’s supporters, volunteers, and staff.

  • Get a tour of CBC Center and meet the sailors, instructors and board members who make CBC Providence such a success.

  • Tour a classic Sparkman & Stephens-designed 53′ Sloop Sonny at the CBC dock. “Sonny” will  be open for all to see.sonny

  • Watch NYT Yachting Reporter, Chris Museler, and his MOTH buddies rip around the waterfront in Providence in foiling moths.

    ©ThMartinez/Sea&Co.  ARNAUD PSAROFAGHIS (SUI 4)

    ©ThMartinez/Sea&Co. ARNAUD PSAROFAGHIS (SUI 4)

If you’re local to Rhode Island or the Providence vicinity – please consider supporting CBC. It keeps kids busy and off the streets, it occupies a beautiful piece of formerly dilapidated waterfront in downtown Providence, it teaches kids and teens to love and respect the water and it supports the notion that accessibility to the water and to public “Learn to Sail” programs are a vital part of any waterfront city. Continue reading

Rocking the Boat

Rocking the Boat situated in the Bronx, NY, has brilliantly reached out to kids who might need distraction in the form of function, art and certainly boating! Read about “Rocking the Boat” and watch the video about their admirable mission to get kids into and conquering projects they never thought possible.

Jamestown Distributors has been donating to this amazing program for years and they, in turn, have been excellent customers. It is so satisfying to be able to contribute to organizations like Rocking the Boat and see the love for hand crafting, wood working and boating be passed along to kids who might never have had the chance to hold a tiller or a plane. Constructing and rowing your own boat is a project that reaches so many important levels of being a responsible human. There are lessons in crafting, woodworking and in life that manifest themselves throughout a build project and getting kids excited about it all is even more of a victory than the finished product.

From RTB Vimeo Page: Adam Green believes in teaching 21st century job and life skills through old fashioned wooden boat building.

The idea first infected him as a Vassar College student in 1996, when he spent a “semester abroad” volunteering at a middle school in East Harlem—one of the U.S.’s poorest urban neighborhoods at the time. Despite having no prior boat building experience, he worked with students to make “Dolphin,” an 8 foot wooden dinghy which was launched in the school swimming pool.

After graduating, Green returned to New York City with a certificate to teach, but gave up that plan to launch Rocking the Boat—a boat building and environmental education program which now serves 2,000 youth and community members annually in the South Bronx. The aim is not to turn kids into professional boat builders, but to help them recognize abilities they possess that will help them thrive in school and beyond.

Rocking the Boat empowers young people from the South Bronx to develop the self-confidence to set ambitious goals and gain the skills necessary to achieve them. Students work together to build wooden boats, learn to row and sail, and restore local urban waterways, revitalizing their community while creating better lives for themselves.

Kids don’t just build boats at Rocking the Boat, boats build kids.

HOW COOL IS THAT? Support Rocking the Boat by donating here.

2016 O’pen BIC RI Intergalactic Championships – NOTICE OF RACE


O’pen BIC RI Intergalactic Champs
Tiverton Yacht Club,
Blue Bill Cove, Portsmouth RI

July 28, 2016

The 2016 O’Pen BIC RI Championships will be hosted by the Tiverton Yacht Club on July 28, 2016.

The Organizing Authority for the regatta is the Tiverton Yacht Club Youth Sailing Foundation in association with the North American O’pen BIC Class.

Important Event Introduction: The purpose of this event is to run a fun event for youth sailors in a more loosely competitive style in dynamic junior boats. Results are not nearly as important as everyone having a good time sailing. It is our goal that the sailors improve their skills, make new friends, and have a ton of fun. This event will be a combination of “conventional” style race formats with unorthodox “Un-Regatta” style courses and events. Don’t expect conventional round the buoys racing or upwind starts for all races. Capsizes, freestyle, speed and fun will be required. If you are a hard-core racer with rule book in hand, this event may not be for you. If you want to have fun, challenge your limits, and pioneer a new chapter in Youth Sailing….. game on!

Race Format:

  • Racing will be organized into A/B Fleet racing with 2 sailors per team. 1 sailor sailing A Division, 1 Sailor sailing B Division.  (Like college and high school sailing)
  • Bring a friend to make a team.  
  • Sailor #1 will sail A Division and your friend will sail B Division (in your boat).

You must bring a friend! (to sail B Division for you!)  If you really can’t bring a friend to sail B division, then we will pair you up with a friend on site, or, you can sail both A and B division.


  • Any age is eligible.  Teams will be scored by combining finishes from A div and B div.  There will also be scoring within a division.

Schedule – July 28

Skippers Meeting at 1030am – The number of races will be determined by the Race Committee.   No warning signal will be given after 3:00 pm on July 28th


Races will be held on Blue Bill Cove (Island Park Cove)  which is Off of 24N in Portsmouth, south of the Sakonnet Bridge (North entrance – near Tommy Island and Rye Island).  This is where competitors should meet and rig.  Sailing will be in the cove, lunches, breaks, skippers meeting, raffle and fun will all be organized on the beach in Blue Bill Cove (Island Park Cove) (The same place as last year).


The regatta rules will be outlined in the Sailing Instructions which may modify standard US Sailing rules, and the OBCA’s Class Rules where applicable. Boats may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the Organizing Authority.


You must Register Online!

The entry fee is $40 (when you bring your friend, it will only cost $20 per sailor

Registration payments must be made at the time of registration.

LUNCHSailors need to be bring their own lunch

SAILING INSTRUCTIONSThe Sailing Instructions will be available at the regatta office at registration.


The number of races for all the Divisions will be at the discretion of the Race Committee.  Three valid races are required to constitute the championship.  There will be separate rankings for each age group division.  Participants may be divided into fleets and/or division. The composition of the fleets will be made as described in the Sailing Instructions.


The Low Point scoring system of RRS Appendix A will apply.  There will be a discard race for every 5 races completed, i.e. one discard for 5 races, two discards for 10, 3 discards for fifteen, etc.


A jury may be appointed in accordance with RRS Appendix N. Their decisions will be final as provided in RRS 70.5


  • There may be prizes – there will definitely be food and candy and swag!
  • Gear Raffle at the end!!


It is the competitor’s decision to enter the regatta or to start and continue in any race. Competitors shall accept that their participation in the regatta is at their exclusive risk in every respect. ISAF RRS Rule 4, Decision to Race, will apply. The Organizing Authority, the respective Host Sailing Club, their officers, members, servants and agents, BIC Sport and the Race Management team accept no responsibility with respect to loss of life, personal injury or loss or damage to property which may be sustained by reason of their participation or intended participation in the regatta or arising in connection with the regatta.


Mike Mills,

Check out the fun from the 2015 event!