Video of the Week: Building a Kiteboard – Part 2

In the first video of this series on how to build your own kiteboard we learned about how to make the foam core center that is the guts of the board. Part 2 takes us to the cutting and shaping phase where a clever homemade tool helps outline the camber of the board with total accuracy. Even if you never want to build a kiteboard, this video series will show you how to construct something with carbon or fiberglass, with some simple tricks for getting the job done.

Make sure you watch the first video here and then follow up with part 2 in this post. And parts 3 and 4 should be following behind soon!


Doing the Mast Jump…

Nick Jacobsen, Danish Kitesurfing wild man, has pulled off 2 completely nutty jumps from tall structures in the past few weeks. The first totally nutty one (that we know of) was actually in 2011 when he climbed to the top of a crane and jumped off, kite in hand.

He has a history of being brave and crazy and going for some big air. He recently got lots of attention when a video of him jumping off the top of Richard Branson’s Necker Island house went viral. That too was a bit off-the-charts crazy. And this 13 minute video of Nick plays off his fearless, try-anything nuttiness.

This time though – he caught our attention becuase he chose a boat to use as his launching pad. And not just any boat – the recent winner of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 Race, Team Abu Dhabi’s winning VO65, Azzam. Check out the video above for the complete ride. Even climbing up to the top of the mast looks hairy – and we know you all love the Father’s Day mast jump – well this is the next best thing!  Jacobsen was hoisted to the top of the reefed mainsail of Azzam with his kite flying high above, kiteboard in hand and then leapt off into the wind, with his kite almost gently placing him on the water, some 30m below.

It’s fun to watch the nutty people do crazy things. And live. What could Nick possibly be dreaming of doing next?… We can’t wait to see it…