Sailing & The 2016 Rio Olympic Games


How to Watch and cheer for the US Sailing Team competing in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

While the above video is not current (it’s a viral sensation from the 2012 games that is worth repeating) it is certainly relevant with the Olympics going on in Rio, Brazil. There has been a lot of talk about the venue, Rio’s lack of preparedness and the water quality specifically, have been topics that are close to sailors, as they have a good chance of not only sailing in contaminated water, but of having trash in the water foul their blades (rudders, centerboards, etc) which could certainly affect medal chances and make or break a race for any sailor out there.  Continue reading

Strong winds tacks when your vang is very tight

Instructional video on how to tack in strong winds when your vang is very tight. By Coach Rulo Borojovich.

Laser Rigging

Olympic champion Robert Scheidt talks about the Harken hardware on his Laser.

Building Lasers is a Labor of Love

An inside look at the people, precision and passion that goes into the making of a Laser at the LaserPerformance factory in Banbury, UK.

Rigging a Laser Sailboat

How to rig a Laser for racing. This video shows a laser radial, but the same setup can be used for a full size rig just with a different mast top section and different sail.