Launching Day! Time to Go Boating!

Ladies and Gentlemen – start your engines, raise your sails, point your bow towards your home port and GO! Boating season is upon us and here in the northeast, we have been off to a slow start. This past weekend, when many of us planned to launch, Mother Nature blew up a steady 20+ knot front and whipped up the harbors into a frothy and unwelcoming scene. Continue reading

Announcing: ‘Launching’ Photo Contest WINNER!

Congratulations to Tom Cornacchio of Ipswich, MA.

His photo of the ‘Katherine E’ decked out in her code flags with her brightly varnished cabin top and toes rails – is a thing of beauty.

Tom wins a TotalBoat Hat Or T-Shirt and a quart of LUST Varnish!

“Katherine E”
1936 Matthews Raised Deck Sedan Cruiser
Mahogany on Oak-Bronze Fastened
Powered by a Gray Marine WW II surplus Detroit Diesel Landing Boat Motor
Ipswich Bay Massachusetts-Ipswich Bay Yacht Club
Owned by Tom & Sue Cornacchio since 1995
Launched Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Launching the Big Boys

Here in the northeast we are well into the launching season. Winter was long and hard here and somewhere mid to late May, Mother Nature flipped the switch and turned on summer. With barely a springtime for boat prep, those of us who have not yet launched are madly working on bottom paint, varnishing and the other systems needed to get the boat well equipped and ready to go! These few videos will put your own project into a scale that will hopefully make you appreciate the size of your job. And the size of your fuel tank and the bill that comes with it.

These new superyachts are escorted to the slings by entire companies of boatworkers. No one standing under the boat in the lift to paint where the poppets stood for the winter. There aren’t any last minute phone calls to friends for extra hands or cases of beer to the lift operators for cutting ahead in line at the travelift. (not me…)

Imagine, though, if these superyacht owners had to paint their own bottoms or buff their own topsides – I bet one million of us would tune into that show. Wonder how many gallons of paint it takes to paint the bottom of Irimari below here? Anyone want to guess?

And then down below again here is something to ground us. A few boats being launched on a mystery island where there is no travelift. There is barely a boat ramp (UPDATE: New boat ramp for 2015!)  and they use a fork lift with slings to launch boats of all shapes and sizes. There is basically ONE show in town for these boats, and Mr Name Removedtoprotectinnocent is  THE man. Wonder how long his list is for a hoist and dump?

BIensign IMG_0561

I’ll run out to said mystery island this weekend and investigate more about this launching system. It’s my duty. You’re welcome!

**SUBMIT your launching pics to us at for an entry to our photo contest and for a chance to win TotalBoat swag. Please include the boat name, type, homeport and your contact info.

Submit photos by June 15, winner announced June 19.


Send Us Your Launching Photos & Videos

Launching your boat? We have been getting some fun photos and videos from customers of their launchings. Here is the first video we got! It’s not sunny or even warm looking, but it’s spring and that means LAUNCH THE BOATS!

Send us your pics for a chance to win some TotalBoat SWAG!

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Show Us Your Launching!

Everybody’s doin it… and we want pictures!

Send us a pic of your boat being launched and we will post a gallery of your photos on our Facebook page and on TotalBoat Show.

Look at all the creative ways people splash their boats! We can relate with the desire to just get the thing wet, and there are some creative boaters out there getting it done. Whether it’s with a trailer, block and tackle, an army of pals, a TravelLift or a tractor – show us your launching pics, tell us about your boat and where your homeport is and click send!

Post to our Facebook page or email your launching photo to

We can’t wait to make a splash! with all your photos!