How to Tie 3 Common Fishing Knots

A few years back, a fish-whisperer named TJ worked for JD. While he was here we called on every one of his fishing talents to better serve the world of fisher people. So as the waters warm and the worm hatches and other telltale signs of fishing season appear, we turn again to the sage TJ for advice on how to tie great fishing knots that won’t leave you with a snapped line or a even worse….a slipped knot! If fish could “flip you off” and laugh as they swam away from your shoddy knot, you know they would.

Dreaming of Fishing…


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Here fishy, fishy…. Are you DONE with winter? Were you one of the crazies (like Our pal Brian, JD Call Center Guru pictured below) who drilled holes in the ice and took advantage of the hard water?  If so – powa to ya! And if not – well then hone your hooks and spool your reels and come by JD for some sweet deals on fishing gear. The blues and bass will be running before you know it! And we can’t wait!

And well, if you can’t wait, call us up (800-423-0030), ask for Brian and find out where he’s honing these babies…doesn’t he look proud? Or is it frozen? Either way – COOL! (literally)


UNTIE THE LINES #9 – Charging Up The Batteries


Part 9 of WhiteSpotSpirate’s weekly sailing documentary, “Untie the Lines”:

“This week we are charging up our batteries in Bocas del Toro (Panama). A perfect short vacation with snorkeling, spearfishing and nice dinners with old and new friends before we head back to Shelter Bay to fix my good old Karl.”

UNTIE THE LINES #8- Bocas Break

Part 8 of WhiteSpotPirates’ “Untie the Lines” series; a weekly sailing documentary:

“After all the trouble with Karl’s engine breaking down, I decided to take a little break and help Miguel to transfer Arctic Front to Bocas. Dimitrios and I were ready for a little break because we had been working quite a bit on Karl. It was just the perfect passage…but see it yourself!”

UNTIE THE LINES #7 – Trying To Cut The Bungee Cord

Join me for the first real trial run with Karl and my friend Dimitrios, leaving Marina Shelter Bay and heading for Bocas del Toro. It will be an adventurous one, so be prepared!

Part 7 of WhiteSpotPirates’ “Untie the Lines”, a weekly solo sailing documentary.

UNTIE THE LINES #6 – With A Little Help From My Friend


Part 6 of WhiteSpotPirates’ “Untie the Lines” series, a weekly sailing documentary

“Sooo many things to do on KARL – and I am lucky, because I have had some great help from my friend Dimitrios this week. Check out a couple of our refit projects in this episode!:

UNTIE THE LINES #5 – Building a Nest


“One of my first refit projects on KARL was to get my front cabin nice and cozy so I have a place where I can feel at home whilst the rest of the boat is still a big construction site…See the change and find out why it is not so easy to do refits on boats in Shelter Bay.”

Part 5 of “Untie the Lines”, a weekly sailing documentary

Customer Spotlight – Brooke Seckel

Brooke Seckel-01Brooke Seckel-02 Brooke Seckel-03

Brooke Seckel sent us a whole powerpoint of photos for this contest! The Seckels renovated nearly every part of their 1972 Lyman Islander; starting from the inside out. They repainted the entire 32-foot hull; using TotalBoat Wet Edge for topside paint and JD Select Bottom Paint for below the waterline, and replaced the entire top deck as well. In addition, they also replaced and varnished their Lyman mahogany helm (not shown). Both the interior and exterior of the boat’s cabin was redone; as well as the boat’s transom. This included an enormous amount of new brightwork and varnish, as well as replacing rotted wood in the window frames and in other areas. The Seckel’s dog also helped too! During the renovation process, you could almost always find Zephyr hanging around the shop and supervising everyone’s work. Unfortunately, we couldn’t use all of their fantastic photos here, but we’ve tried to highlight some of the most drastic changes, and we couldn’t resist leaving Zephyr out of the photos.


Part 4 of WhiteSpotPirates’ weekly sailing documentary, “Untie the Lines”

Come on board and get to know good old KARL, who is going to be my companion on the sea. I am still in the middle of his refit, but I thought I would give you a little tour so you get to know him better.

UNTIE THE LINES #3 – Leaving on a Jetplane

Leaving home with mixed up feelings and some little stumbling blocks on my way to Panama.

Part 3 of “Untie the Lines”; a weekly sailing documentary.