New Oars for The Small Reach Regatta – By Richard Honan

Our Spring 2016 catalog featured Richard Honan, boatbuilder and signmaker and – as it turns out – rower extraordinaire. Richard has been building boats for years and we have blogged about his amazing accomplishments many times in this space. Richard has a serious following of jealous friends and he often sends them all email updates when he does something cool or builds something he is proud of (most everything he touches is worthy).DSCN3436

So when Richard told us he was heading to the Small Reach Regatta in Herrick Bay (home of Wooden Boat in Brooklin), we were thrilled to hear his newly fashioned oars were yet another TotalBoat project of his. These gorgeous oars were no afterthought and as Richard told us, he coated them with “TotalBoat Lust Varnish, my new favorite varnish.” Read on as Richard explains how he repurposed some old oars he had on hand for the Melonseed skiff he built and was planning to use for this fun regatta.  Continue reading

Varnish Testing Over Lunch

For the next 24 months, the TotalBoat testing team’s varnish test will be dining al fresco, soaking up UV rays from the sun, getting snowed on, rained on and generally abused by lunch bags, water bottles and probably a few butts, too. The picnic table varnish test is underway and on Friday the team dragged the completed table outside of the JD lunchroom and set up shop for a lunch party. It was a celebration of the great idea and the forthcoming years of the table’s demise.


We applied 5 coats of 9 different varnishes after initially coating the nasty pine with TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy to really seal it well and protect against the elements. However, as we all know – nothing beats wood protection like varnish with UV inhibitors and we picked the top selling varnishes and put them against our own top varnishes. And now it’s in the hands of the gods as time and weather and lots of rays do their best to beat down the layers.


At the very least it has been a great way to compare the different tints, the different “glosses” of each and the ease of flow and application of each one. We each have favorites. But which will outperform the others? Only time will tell and we plan on taking a monthly photo of the table to document how each panel fares.

IMG_8391     IMG_8254

Stay tuned and place your bets in the comments below. Which varnish will win the test?

Here is the complete list of the varnishes we applied to the table:

TotalBoat Marine Wood Finish: Natural Teak
Sikkens Cetol Marine Natural Teak
TotalBoat Gleam Marine Spar Varnish
TotalBoat Lust High Gloss Marine Varnish
TotalBoat Envy High Gloss 2-Part Varnish
Interlux Perfection Plus Two Part Varnish
Petit Captain’s Varnish
Epifanes Woodfinish Gloss
Epifanes CV (Clear Varnish)

Spring Commissioning Special – Part 2 – VARNISHING


Get Ready for Spring!
Varnishing weather will come eventually. (promise!) Make sure that you are prepared when it finally returns. Here are some some great varnishing how-to videos to help get you ready. They are packed with tips and pointers on how to varnish like a pro.

Here is a playlist of 4 varnishing videos from our new TotalBoat YouTube channel.

We have loaded the playlist with varnishing videos about cleaning your brushes, how to prep for varnish and how to apply varnish. It can be a tricky job – but the TotalBoat experts from Jamestown Distributors have been advising people for years on how to best apply coats and get the desired results. If you have questions about certain brands or products, application issues, or anything else pertaining to your varnish job, the Tech Help and Call center experts are ready to assist you.

You can find all your VARNISH needs on our website. From brushes to rollers and strainers, tack cloths, tapes and your favorite varnishes – we have everything you need. And we even have an amazing new varnish product JUST released: LUST! Our new TotalBoat Lust High Gloss Varnish can be overcoated in one hour and you can apply up to 5 coats in ONE DAY!  TotalBoat has been developing and testing LUST for over a year and the reviewers are thrilled with the results. Get on board and try it out. Then go to the Lust page on our website and let us know what you think about it in a review.