Take a Spin on Bronco M32

Nothing like flipping on the “summer” switch around these parts of New England that just a few months ago were buried in snow. Just like that the regattas have started and the boats are lined up ready to race.

The M32 class got a head start around here (calling early May a head start) with their appearance at the Volvo Ocean Race Stopover in Newport. The M32 was set up on shore and there were opportunities to go for a ride on one with experienced crew.

And speaking of experienced crew, our TotalBoat Ambassador, Brock Callen, who enjoys going as fast as possible on the water (or just above it – when foiling or kiting) ┬árides aboard this bucking catamaran, Bronco, and like the mad man he is: he wears a GoPro and grabs some great footage while out on the course conquering Leukemia. What a guy! He shared this video with us because he was in the shop recently grabbing some TotalBoat paint for his various rides (all of them!) and he has has hands on so many cool water toys that when the other hand has a GoPro in it – we wanna see!

Thanks for sharing, Brock!