Customer Spotlight – Rob Holmes

Rob Holmes

Captain Rob Holmes sent us a photo of his work done on the cockpit in his recently purchased 1968 motorboat. As you can see above, his construction looks great! What we also found quite interesting was his process during the restoration: Rob tells us he preplanned and built the whole project in a three-dimensional computer program! He wanted to be able to play “what-if”, and test his ideas before he cut the wood. He’s actually a 3D animator, so this planning was right up his alley. What’s funny, he says, is that the project turned out “exactly” like the 3D designs, which is quite rare. He told us:

“When I bought my 1968 boat a few years ago it had a terrible mess inside the cockpit bulkhead. Some rough fiberglass work had been done to cover up holes left when instruments were taken out. I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to create some much needed organizational space, as well as a navigation station; which I did not have. I designed a cabinet to cover the space; made so the whole unit could fold down and provide a spot for my laptop. I also devised a system for raising and lowering the unit to make it into a laptop shelf and for making it adjustable.”

He’s told us this is only part of his refitting for this boat, but from what we can see, it looks fabulous!

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