Newport Pulls Out All the Stops for the Volvo Ocean Race

To say it was a successful stopover is an understatement. It exceeded the expectations of even the most optimistic forecasters and was a pleasant surprise for the sailors who call this port home. When the America’s Cup rolled out of town in 1986 bound for Australia, Newport went into suspended animation. A town that had lined its miles of shoreline with spectators and its shores with a fleet of boats would have to wait for more than 25 years to relive the excitement and spectacle that a major sailing event, like the Volvo Ocean Race would bring to the area. The TotalBoat team was on the water and onshore for all the fun and gathered this little stopover roundup for you!

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Auckland to Itajai to Newport!

The final sprint to Auckland is on. With four days to go, all teams are getting ready to arrive in the City of Sails. And for New Zealander Ryan Houston, it takes a special meaning – Auckland is home. Team Alvimedica’s watch leader explains his role onboard.

As the teams near Auckland, it’s not too soon to think about the Volvo Ocean Race arrival in North America. In just a little more than 2 months, the race pulls into Newport where the stopover venue at Fort Adams and most support, spectator and recreational boats remain buried under feet of snow.

But don’t wait for the snow to disappear! Get your prep planned out now so you will be prepared to greet the boats and sailors in early May. Shop now for your bottom paint, rollers and brushes and everything you need to splash the boat early and get out on the water to greet the hometown guys on Team Alvimedica. They will appreciate seeing you at the finish line in Newport, and your boat will thank you for an early launch!