Marilee NY40 at the Opera House Cup

Sorry if you can’t appreciate the draw of our neighbor, Herreshoff’s, amazing yacht design. We can’t get enough of looking at Capt. Nat’s amazing long overhangs, beautiful sail plans and wonderful wooden spars and decks. And then there is the performance of most of his designs… none of his designs are slow and cumbersome. Instead they slice through the water gracefully, and have historically mastered the yacht racing course and beyond.

So pardon the overdose of Herreshoff videos and content, but he continues to impress sailors and yachtspeople around the world. And this video is a testament to his amazing yacht design. Go for a sail on Marilee, a New York 40, and feel how awesome it is to be a part of yachting history.



Racing with the competition: Onboard Chinook

Why not take a sail this morning. Grab your coffee and hit ‘full screen’ because you’re coming for a ride onboard ‘Chinook,’ a NY40 designed by Captain Nat Herreshoff. The restoration of Chinook was completed after over 60 months and lots of labor.  Their blog followed the entire journey and gives some great insight into the long restoration and the passion and reverence the skipper Jono and crew have for the amazing design and craftsmanship that went into Chinook back in 1916.

She was restored in Tunisia, which, as they explain was not without challenges for a major rebuild.   Check out the blog and take a ride on this beauty at a Classic Yacht regatta in Cannes. What a thrill, if even from a seat at your computer. Enjoy!