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JD 2017 Tent Sale

Come on down to the annual JD Tent Sale. It’s a great time to get deals on the items on your list of spring launching needs. Not only will we have deals on everything we sell – but we have tech experts on hand from TotalBoat and from many of our favorite manufacturers who are great resources for your project and product questions. Continue reading

DIY & PRO Boat Painting Days – NEXT WEEK – Dec. 13 & 14


Is your boat in need of a fresh topside paint job? Gelcoat can get pretty old and tired and with a good 2-part paint, like EMC’s QUANTUM 99 finishes, you can apply a professional looking paint job on your own. It’s a big job that can be intimidating, and we get that, so we have invited the pros from EMC paints to come to the TotalBoat Workshop for a DEMO DAY.   Continue reading

Video of the Week: Boat Painting – Waterline & Cove Stripe

In part 4 of our Video of the Week series called Boat Painting 101, it’s time to put the finishing touches on the Black Watch 26’s hull. With the new topsides paint job completed, it’s time to paint the waterline, buff out a few runs and apply a cove stripe for a sharp, finished look. Brendan sprays on 3 coats of TotalBoat Wet Edge Topside Polyurethane and gets great results. The Quantum99 topside paint likes to be buffed when necessary to repair imperfections in the paint job or maybe a ding or scratch from a wild docking maneuver.

Follow along in this final video in the series and see how we get it done!

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Boat Painting 101: Priming the Hull

In Step 2 of our Boat Painting 101 series, (Watch part 1 here) we have reached the time to prime! The hull is ready for multiple applications of the TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer which will form a nice, thick but smooth surface onto which we can apply the topcoat. Brendan has prepared the hull perfectly and this next step goes smoothly as he rolls and sprays applications of the epoxy based primer to create the best painting surface possible on the Black Watch 26 hull.

If your hull isn’t fair and properly prepped, you can almost count on your topcoat being difficult and imperfect. A great topside paint job is easier to maintain and repair than many of the other professionally applied spray jobs, such as AwlGrip. Pay close attention to the directions on the can and data sheet for your product. Each paint is different and will have varied application instructions, induction times and prep requirements. Your attention to detail in this important priming step will ensure that your topsides have the best possible base for a killer paint job that will last and look great.


Over 1000 Entries on Bottom Paint Survey Map!

It’s pretty exciting that over 1000 boaters have taken the time to fill out the 2015 Post Season Bottom Paint Survey, pinning their results and location on a live Google map. Check out the latest results and better yet – take full advantage of the map and read the results of boaters nearby your own port.

Reports and an early look at this map indicates that paints that performed well over the past many years might have had a tough season this year. How did your own paint fare?

The survey takes less than one minute and if you take the time to check out the results compared to your own experience, you might find a new paint to try next year with a decent amount of confidence in it’s performance.

Check it out! Take the survey here or if you’ve already taken it – check out the latest MAP of the results! It’s an impressive amount of data that we will compile into a readable form with some overall looks at what the boaters are telling us about best and worst performing paints this season.

How to Apply TB TotalProtect Barrier Coat

Our neighbor down the street, Joel, picked up a sweet Steiger 25 recently. The boat was in bad shape but the hull and engine were solid and the rest of the work Joel knew how to do, so it was a solid buy for someone wanting a fixer-upper mid sized powerboat.

We visited Joel as he was about to apply the barrier coat to the boat’s bottom using the new TotalBoat TotalProtect Epoxy Primer. Joel is so knowledgable – he gives great instruction and insight into how to prep and paint below the waterline using the TotalProtect barrier coat.

Let us know what you think of this new How-to video. It’s a big project so the video takes time to point out all the important details.

The Best Kind of Stripper…

Sometimes sanding, scraping and grinding can be too tough for the job, for the stripper and for the material being stripped. The latest addition to the TotalBoat line of marine products comes to the rescue with a biodegradable, environmentally safe, non-flammable, and odor-free solution: TotalStrip. Because it contains no methylene chloride or caustic, no acid wash neutralization is necessary. Simply use water for clean up.

Eric attacked this seat from his boat with TotalStrip and was impressed with how quickly it visibly broke down years of varnish.  It works on paints, varnishes, lacquers, and stains and even works on bottom paint – something most other strippers can’t claim!  It brushed on easily using a chip brush and went right to work. Unlike Eric who requires about 1/4 gallon of coffee to get going each day, TotalStrip started working instantly and could be scraped sooner than the 15 minute wait time suggested.

We love making products that make tough jobs quick and easy. You can wrestle with a sander or grinder – or you can brush on TotalStrip and let it do the work for you…it doesn’t even require coffee to get working! Check it out and let us know what you think.  Send images of your stripping projects to


Haul Out Season is Underway

If you are psyched that you escaped a hurricane scramble to haul your boat (thank you, Joaquin for sparing the East Coast….mostly….) then enjoy these last weeks of killer autumnal sailing and boating. It can be the best time of year for crisp sunset cruises and sweet catches from the fall run.

And when you haul – and peek under the waterline to see what biology experiment you were conducting down there this season, please chime in to our short and sweet Post Season Bottom Paint Survey and let us know which bottom paint you chose, where you keep your boat and how your chosen paint performed this year!

The live map updates as survey results filter in and you can see each and every result right on the map. Very handy for giving you a glimpse into what paints are working and what your fellow boaters nearby are using and what is working and what is failing.

So once you haul, swing back to the survey – it takes less than one minute to complete. You will be a part of the largest bottom paint data collection ever compiled!  We thank you!

New Inflatable Bottom Paint

Why not go make a video about the new TotalBoat Inflatable Bottom Paint on a beautiful summer day? The typical southwesterly breeze that we all rely upon here for our fine sailing had it’s own ideas. It was all but non-existent way past it’s normal arrival time of noonish – so we figured it was safe. It was still out there. Perfect painting weather. And then she arrived in all her 15-20 knot glory.  But we didn’t let that stop us. Who said you can’t paint midday in a stiff breeze? And if someone did say such a thing – please refer them to our lovely little video of Eric painting his pal’s inflatable.

I’d go as fas as to say that the conditions only helped the paint dry nice and fast and it went on without a hitch. But that’s how we make our products – easy to use even for those who can’t pick their project conditions. Because sometimes you have to apply varnish in the cold spring under a nasty plastic cover. And sometimes you have to paint your inflatable when it’s blowing 15-20. Hey – at least it was sunny and warm. And it looks great and is doing it’s one job on the rubber boat- keep off the critters and the growth. Mission accomplished! And hey the video ain’t half bad either.


How to Pinstripe the Deck of a Chris Craft

Even when watching this video it looks difficult to achieve a straight line when painting a pin stripe on your boat’s deck. However the painter gives a few key tips and doesn’t seem stressed by the job at hand.  He takes his time, seems to have NOT had 5 cups of coffee to keep a steady hand and I am guessing has experience with previous jobs.

Make sure to practice on a similar set up to what you will be pinstriping so that you get the feel for the tool (he is using a Beughler pin striping tool) and sign makers paint but our WetEdge Topside paint (one part polyurethane) should do the trick nicely.

If you have other ways to pinstripe or ideas that would help get the job done, let us know in the comments section below. We love to hear about the many ways our customers get their boats dialed in and on the water.