On Land and On Sea: A Century of Women in the Rosenfeld Collection at Mystic Seaport


The Rosenfelds (father Morris and sons) were prolific marine photographers in the 20th century in America. Morris Rosenfeld and sons were the preeminent American gents on the water chasing all the glorious boats of the Rockefellers and all of the yacht racing they could find. The Rosenfeld Collection is an astonishing monument to the lives of a family, a father and three sons, who revered the ocean and the boats that call it home. For more than 111 years they photographed the complete maritime experience including the finest racing yachts often during America’s Cup Races. Continue reading

Lecture Series at Herreshoff Marine Museum – We Are Worthy!


If you’ve never been to Bristol’s Herreshoff Marine Museum and the America’s Cup Hall of Fame, the winter is a great time to check it out. You can climb on many of the boats, it’s less crowded than summer days and with early sunsets come the museum’s winter Lecture Series. With many great authors, photographers, naval architects and more – there is something for the wooden boat enthusiast to gain at every lecture.   Continue reading

Show Us Your Launching!

Everybody’s doin it… and we want pictures!

Send us a pic of your boat being launched and we will post a gallery of your photos on our Facebook page and on TotalBoat Show.

Look at all the creative ways people splash their boats! We can relate with the desire to just get the thing wet, and there are some creative boaters out there getting it done. Whether it’s with a trailer, block and tackle, an army of pals, a TravelLift or a tractor – show us your launching pics, tell us about your boat and where your homeport is and click send!

Post to our Facebook page or email your launching photo to images@jamestowndistributors.com

We can’t wait to make a splash! with all your photos!