Boat Painting 101: Priming the Hull

In Step 2 of our Boat Painting 101 series, (Watch part 1 here) we have reached the time to prime! The hull is ready for multiple applications of the TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer which will form a nice, thick but smooth surface onto which we can apply the topcoat. Brendan has prepared the hull perfectly and this next step goes smoothly as he rolls and sprays applications of the epoxy based primer to create the best painting surface possible on the Black Watch 26 hull.

If your hull isn’t fair and properly prepped, you can almost count on your topcoat being difficult and imperfect. A great topside paint job is easier to maintain and repair than many of the other professionally applied spray jobs, such as AwlGrip. Pay close attention to the directions on the can and data sheet for your product. Each paint is different and will have varied application instructions, induction times and prep requirements. Your attention to detail in this important priming step will ensure that your topsides have the best possible base for a killer paint job that will last and look great.


NEW TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer

This video came out in November – but now you can buy the NEW 2-Part Epoxy Primer at This two part primer is mixed at a 1 to 1 ratio and is a breeze to work with on your marine (and home!) projects.

We have used it a lot since this video was produced and have mastered spraying, brushing and rolling the 2-part paint and the reviews are all good! Have you tried it yet? And what might you use a 2-Part Epoxy primer on, as opposed to a one part polyurethane?

The answer is: anywhere where protection from the elements is needed. It has superior adhesion and corrosion protection and performs more aggressively than a one part primer, mostly because of the presence of the epoxy in the formula.  Use it above or below the waterline on fiberglass, steel, wood, or aluminum. This high-solids primer may be brushed, rolled or sprayed. Faster drying time and optimal sanding qualities let you build up to 12 mils wet in 3 hours.

For optimal performance and protection under the waterline and as a base primer under antifouling paint, we recommend TotalProtect, a universal high build epoxy primer and barrier coat. Use it both above and below the waterline to prevent and repair gelcoat blistering. Applying TotalProtect will eliminate the possibility of water absorption and migration, the major cause of blistered fiberglass hulls.

TotalProtect is also an excellent anti-corrosive substrate primer for all underwater metals. Use it on keels, aluminum, steel, lead, cast iron, stainless, and bronze.

This two-part 3:1 ratio system is compatible with all antifouling paints. TotalProtect is easy to mix, dries quickly and requires no sanding.

As always, check our website for usage guides, SDS Sheets and Data Sheets on the product page and call out tech hotline for questions. (800-497-0010). You now have options for epoxy based primer from the TotalBoat product line. You’re welcome!

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Brendan applies some TotalBoat #topside #primer LOVE to the #stonehorse in the #shop

Brendan applies some TotalBoat #topside #primer LOVE to the #stonehorse in the #shop

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Customer Spotlight – Luis Fierros

Luis Fierros

Luis Fierros entered his 16-foot Sundowner Micro-Skiff Explorer in our image contest all the way from Miami! This little flat-bottom skiff get used every week in the Miami shallows, and is great for bay and backcountry trip in nearby areas. Luis says she is in prime condition, and he had a great experience using TotalBoat Polyurethane Wet Edge primer and topcoat to maintain her. The photos show his maintenance on the bow deck of the skiff.

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