Remembering Carlo Riva, Designer of the World’s Most Beautiful Boats


Thanks to our friends at Classic Boat Magazine for this excellent report on Carlo Riva who died earlier in April. We once shared a video on TotalBoat Show that was very popular amongst our readers, and so once again in honor of the man himself, we share the video at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.  Continue reading

James Bond and Some Cool Boats (and a few beers)

Even though it’s really about some Heinekens and an unlikely jaunt on a waterski, the boating part of this clever commercial is worth a look. Any time a Riva makes popular culture – and why wouldn’t James Bond have a Riva? – it seems like a worthy use of a few minutes of our time to have a look. I Still don’t want to drink a Heineken, but I would love to go for a spin with Bond in his swanky Riva. And he has enough tricks up his sleeve (hat) to avoid rocks, villains and serious trouble – ¬†unlike his counterparts in their sleek Frauscher boat.

The least believable part of this is of course with the lady… She never spills a drop! Check it out!