IYRS Graduation Launches Boats and Careers

“Launch your ships, launch your career” was the closing remark to the International Yacht Restoration School’s graduating class of 2015. On May 30 the now renowned boat building and marine systems and composite programs graduated 15¬†students at their beautiful facility and school on the Newport waterfront. Nestled in the working wharves along Newport’s waterfront, the students launched restored and new beetle cats, a restored Fisher’s Island 23 from 1934 with a total of eleven boats launched into Newport Harbor as fifteen students graduated from the School of Boatbuilding & Restoration, a two-year program in advanced wooden boatbuilding.

After a 2 year program, these students have completed what many regard to be the highest level of industry training. ¬†It’s not just boatbuilding either, Students get intense training in project management, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and advanced woodworking skills throughout their two years in the program. Completing the restoration of two wooden boats, students learn various techniques including measuring, drafting, lofting, steam-bending, planking, spar making, and advanced joinery; not to mention project surveying and various business-related skills and career preparation.

If you love wooden boats and are hungry for more woodworking skills, composite or marine systems knowledge and training or even a new career – check out this amazing school in the heart of Newport Harbor. Their annual graduation is a celebration of their success as they launch students of all ages into a new appreciation of wooden boats and their building process and create some genius boatbuilders who adopt their new skills as a career. It’s a success for the school, for the Ocean State and for the students who can sail off to new horizons following graduation. These highly skilled students are ready to take on the world of wooden boats!

IYRS also has composites technology, marine systems training and more. With campuses in Bristol and Newport, it’s a great excuse to go to school again in the beautiful boatbuilding – centric state of Little Rhody!

The Wooden Boat School Alumni

Maine beckons those of us who love the rugged coast of New England and boating! It’s rich boatbuilding history is steeped in traditional wooden boatbuilding methods and there are many standout schools in the great northern state that attract the very best wooden boat enthusiasts. The Wooden BoatSchool is at the forefront of the pack of excellent schools in Maine, and this video lets their alumni explain what brings them back to the school years after their graduation.

From YouTube Page: The WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, Maine, offers classes in boatbuilding and seamanship from June to September: Each spring, a few lucky alumni of the School from all over the United States return to the school to help commission the campus and boats for the season. For two weeks, they paint, hammer, chisel, and saw. In the process, they bring the place to life while honing their skills and forging deep friendships.

Anyone who completes a class at the WoodenBoat School is considered an alumnus and is eligible to participate in Alumni Week. So many people want to work for free we have to hold a lottery. The ones who are selected consider themselves lucky.

Maybe you can join them. Become a student at www.thewoodenboatschool.com