Join us for SHOP NIGHT on the TotalBoat LIVE Shop Cam

As Shop Night gets underway for the 2016-2017 season, we invite you to come behind the scenes into the TotalBoat Shop via our new LIVE ShopCam.  We meet every Wednesday evening to get dirty and get our boats in better condition for next summer.  Our ShopCam can move around, and if you like something you see, we can move the cam closer to let you see more.

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Canoe-Lapse and the TotalBoat Workshop


We are getting ready for winter by prepping the TotalBoat Workshop with a time lapse setup. We have a few pretty nifty restorations up our sleeves and we wouldn’t want you to miss a minute of the process. So we are in the midst of setting up the shop, the boats and the cameras to capture the whole thing – from the second the boats are rolled into the shop – to their first cruise back on the water next spring. Continue reading

Shop Night 2016 – Projects in Progress

Shop Night in the TotalBoat Workshop is in full force right about now as people prepare for spring and warmer, sunnier days when launching day doesn’t seem so far away. It’s T-Minus about one month til the newly painted Black Watch 26 gets launched and usually she goes first, and the rest of us scramble to prep and paint and tweak so we can get out there, too.

Below are some photos of the projects we have conquered over the winter – some big, some small. With a full video series coming on how the BlackWatch was transformed from a white hull to a dashing dark black, shiny beast of a boat.


TotalBoat Shop Night: Every Tuesday, Whether You Need it or Not!

We already told you all about the awesomeness of every Tuesday night that is Shop Night in this fun post from a few weeks ago… and the party hasn’t slowed down back there. In fact, it’s heating up. Boats are nearing completion and readying for the big dunking and the messy, frenzied state of the shop indicates heads are down, tools are in use and project lists are shortening.

This little video gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of a few of the projects going on – and we will continue to enlighten you with our Shop Night product testing and boat project madness as we go. We even have big plans to take you on the water as the boats launch and see what they get into over the summer.

Judging by the projects that have been brewing all winter, these vessels will be brightly varnished and painted, buffed to the max and ready for any and all action that comes their way on the water. And you’re coming along for the ride…hold on tight!

Steve is using WetEdge Topsides Paint on his Sunfish.
Brendan is using TotalTread non-skid paint on the “Dingleberry” tender
Rob is installing a Pop-Up Cleat on his Seacraft 20 “Flotsam”
Oliver and Oscar – they are using up scraps and delighting in touching every single tool in the shop…and making guns….