Skip Novak’s Storm Sailing part 12: Using a tender

Your tender is your lifeline to the shore and its type, size and equipment are critical in remote areas. Skip Novak demonstrates what he uses, why – and how.

Skip Novak’s Storm Sailing Part 11: Tying to shore

In places like Tierra del Fuego, the Antarctic Peninsula and parts of the Arctic, tying to shore is essential either because of anchorages beset by unpredictable winds or the possibility of ice. Skip Novak demonstrates how to do it.

Skip Novak’s Storm Sailing Part 10: Anchoring

Skip goes through how to formulate a bail-out plan, how to weigh anchor and break the anchor out, what to do if your windlass fails and what to do if you have to dump the anchor in crisis.

Skip Novak Storm Sailing Part 9

Gaining shelter on a hostile coastline can be safer than toughing it out offshore. Skip Novak looks at how to con into an unfamiliar bay.

Skip Novak on Southern Ocean Sailing

Skip and the crew of Pelagic Australis discuss Southern Ocean Sailing on a voyage to South Georgia

Skip Novak Storm Sailing Part 8

In this video, expedition guru Skip Novak addresses the effectiveness of warps and drogues when it comes to breaking seas in a storm

Skip Novak Storm Sailing Part 7

Sail design: In this episode of our Storm Series, Skip Novak walks us through the sails he has on his 54ft yacht Pelagic.

Skip Novak Storm Sailing Part 6

Preparing the deck: Why meticulous checks, sensible stowage and forward planning are key for a trouble free passage in stormy conditions.

Skip Novak Storm Sailing Part 5

Part 5 in Skip Novak’s Storm Sailing Techniques series explains how to sail comfortable in 35 knots with this tried and tested method.

Skip Novak Storm Sailing Part 4

Heaving to is an ideal technique for riding out a storm, but there’s an art to it in heavy seas. Skip Novak explains how to go about it.