New Gunboat G4 is SICK!

Oh my… really what else is there to say? If you like POWERBOATS – and thought sailing was for wussies who like to go slowly and tack back and forth  – check this vid and boat out. With a top speed (after only a few trips) of nearly 32 knots, this two hulled hulk makes it difficult for most powerboats to keep up! The G4 is not for the faint of heart – this beast is a gentleman’s cocktail cruiser with afterburners also known as foils. The foils lift this baby off the water so the hulls are not touching and the drag and wetted surface is like – NIL – makes for a speedy ride.

Our friend Billy Swizzle ( was aboard for this ride on what he calls “The Flying Tesla” and he was quite taken by the hum of speed. Have a listen in his own video here. And then stand in line to get one of your own G4’s because I’m pretty sure that just because she was launched this month doesn’t mean you can step right up and get one of your own. Can’t find the price on the Gunboat website… but as they say… if you have to ask… – G4 

By the way – we do sell carbon fiber and lots of epoxy here at JD. And that’s all she is – a boatload of carbon and resins. So try your hand at building one soon. Maybe Gunboat will come out with a G4 kit…. ha ha.

Sunday Funday! The Ultimate Sailing Speed Test

Kite vs. Moth vs. Nacra F20 FCS vs. Marstrom 32

Sit back, grab another cuppa and hold on because here is a break from the sanding, the planking and steam bending of the old beauties. Come for a ride on 4 of the fastest rides around the water. It’s fast and furious and foiling!  Any bets before you hit play of who might win this one?

Happy Sunday! Enjoy!