Splicing Double Braid

Picture this: You’re on the mooring or at the dock, the wind is either too nonexistent to sail or its too much for a comfortable powerboat ride. Why go home? There is always something to be done on the boat, isn’t there? What to do? SPLICE!

Grab a rope that could use a new eye, or needs some loose, gnarly ends fixed up and get your splice on. Could be a dockline, a halyard, a towing bridle – any ropes is a good candidate for a solid eye loop.

This video will help you make beautiful splices with rope that you might think was difficult to splice. But you will be a pro after watching this video. And then grab a beer and your fid and relax aboard your boat, find some shade and practice – then perfect your splice!


Brummel Splice

Here’s a great video by New England Ropes showing you step by step instructions on how to effectively create a Brummel Splice. Splicing ropes is a great technique to learn for any sailor who wants to create a loop in a knot without losing its strength.

How To Do An Eye Splice With 12 Strand Rope

This is a Sampson Ropes video on how to do an eye splice in 12 strand Dyneema.

How to Create a Rope-to-Chain Splice

Boating Magazine’s Jim Hendricks walks you through creating the rope-to-chain splice that allows an electric windlass to feed the rope and chain in and out of an anchor locker.

Splicing Double Braid

Demonstration on splicing nylon double braid rope, this procedure can also be used for polyester double braid rope as well.