Video of the Week: Boat Painting 101 – Spraying Topcoat

After a very thorough prep and priming job on the BlackWatch 26, (see the prep video here, and priming video here) it’s finally time to apply the 2-part polyurethane Quantum 99 Topcoat. This paint is a high-solid topcoat which was chosen for its durability and ease of repair. Most imperfections in a Quantum99 paint job (from the paint job itself or from light damage to the hull and paint job) can be easily buffed and polished out of this superior 2-part paint.   Brendan will be spraying the paint, onto the hull, a fairly new process for him, and as such Jon Boswell of EMC paints is on hand to give him some tips and show him how it’s done.

Keep in mind, this is a pro doing his first spray job. We understand you might not have a spray booth set up in the garage – or have a compressor and spray guns at the ready, but this paint is easily rolled and tipped and levels itself nicely. We thought showing you how he was taught would be a great way to decide how you want to paint your own boat. And this was using a 3M spray gun bought at an automotive store. Nothing too fancy! Best of all is Quantum99’s repairability once hardened. And we will get to that in the next video! Thanks for watching!

Paint Pros and DIYers Get Hands-On with Quantum Coatings


The last few days have been busy in the TotalBoat Workshop. We invited the paint pros from Engineered Marine Coatings (EMC) to come up and invite their customers and ours to get a hands-on feel for their Quantum Polyurethane Coatings. With a DIY Day focused on rolling on the 2 Part topside paint, and a PRO Day where pro boatyard painters were invited into the new spray booth to try their hand at spraying their paints.


The newly painted BlackWatch 26 was a great backdrop, with it’s shiny and very smooth new black finish that had been sprayed only 2 days prior. It was rolled out of the booth for the pros who then stepped inside to spray for themselves and see the difference these coatings make on a paint job. In finish and in price, too.


Paint pros from boatyards around the area signed up for individual hour long appointments with the Quantum Formulators to get some one-on-one time spraying, asking questions and doing serious math. With many takers at the end of their time, it was a successful 2 days of demos.

If you missed it, Call our customer hotline at 800-423-0030 to ask about the Genius Bucket for DIY painters or a special visit from Tom at EMC who will come show you how it’s done!


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#Couples who #spray together.... Well, you know..... #madmartha and her man apply another coat of #awlcraft on her #grain #surfboard #shopnight rules

#Couples who #spray together…. Well, you know….. #madmartha and her man apply another coat of #awlcraft on her #grain #surfboard #shopnight rules