The Best Kind of Stripper…

Sometimes sanding, scraping and grinding can be too tough for the job, for the stripper and for the material being stripped. The latest addition to the TotalBoat line of marine products comes to the rescue with a biodegradable, environmentally safe, non-flammable, and odor-free solution: TotalStrip. Because it contains no methylene chloride or caustic, no acid wash neutralization is necessary. Simply use water for clean up.

Eric attacked this seat from his boat with TotalStrip and was impressed with how quickly it visibly broke down years of varnish.  It works on paints, varnishes, lacquers, and stains and even works on bottom paint – something most other strippers can’t claim!  It brushed on easily using a chip brush and went right to work. Unlike Eric who requires about 1/4 gallon of coffee to get going each day, TotalStrip started working instantly and could be scraped sooner than the 15 minute wait time suggested.

We love making products that make tough jobs quick and easy. You can wrestle with a sander or grinder – or you can brush on TotalStrip and let it do the work for you…it doesn’t even require coffee to get working! Check it out and let us know what you think.  Send images of your stripping projects to


Building a Wood Strip Canoe

Happy Monday. This canoe was beautifully built in a make-shift boat shop presumably on a breezy back deck with some plastic enclosure and lots of wooden strips and power tools. What a beautiful canoe this focused builder created for himself in these 2 videos.

Have you built your own boat? Do you dream of moving the cars and bikes out of the shed or garage and turning the space into a boat shop? This winter the crew at TotalBoat Show will be building a kit kayak and we will be videoing the process. It will be a great way for the TotalBoat staff to use and understand the products we sell and a great opportunity for teamwork and some good fun at work. Everyone is looking forward to it. The big question is: how to fit everyone inside the kayak? Guess we need a sign out sheet!

Watch Part II of the strip canoe build here. And don’t ignore your dreams. Get yourself a kit or some plans and start building a cool boat! You don’t need a super shop! Just the will and some wood… and maybe a few other things. GO!