In Honor of All [Badass] Fathers

Fatherhood can be rough. Right about the time we hit our prime (dare I say in our 30s?) and have ourselves figured out, what we like and don’t like, how to spend and waste time and money and how to prioritize life’s to-do’s… kids come along. They don’t RUIN it – noooo… having a kid is the best!  All of a sudden life and [new] priorities zoom into focus pretty quickly.  And for a few years our hobbies and habits are modified… a bit. But it’s not forever. You have precious few years to stamp your coolness mark on your offspring – and you better get busy doing so, lest you be left with some lazy land lubbing, eye-rolling mini you.

Hopefully you’re the dad who loved to get in the boat and having a kid didn’t slow you down. Maybe it sent you faster to the boat. To the beach. To the events in life that we cherish. Because HURRY!!! it’s nap time. Dinner time. It’s a school night. It’s recital night. There’s a game at the same time!!! INTERFERENCE Call!!!!  Life as a father to wonderful kids can be built around the stuff that is mandatory. Like naps, dinner and school. But the magic of fatherhood (says a mother) is that moment when you drag the kids along to your passions and they soak into the kid. How can you pass along your love for boating to a hater? Sure, they drag you along to the various required events – but when it becomes a drag to drag them to your preferred events, well…that stinks. You have won when they share your passion. (This also works if you start to love their passion – so really it’s a sharing thing…)

So here’s to hoping you can do cool things and live life uninterrupted by the short people (kids!). Here’s to hoping the shorties want to follow you to the boat, the hardware store, the workshop, the garage, to paint the bottom, to step the mast, to WALK? the mast??  – and so on. Wait – WALK THE MAST? Ok. No kids allowed here. Not even most real humans allowed here. Just crazy solo-circumnavigators and fathers like Alex Thomson. Thomson and his yacht, named for sponsor, Hugo Boss, just won best use of PR for this stunt he pulled off in the video above. He already got mad attention for Walking the Keel of Hugo Boss and diving off into the water – and now this insanity?

We give you the mast walking father, Alex Thomson’s cool behind-the-scenes video because – well – it’s so badass. Not that being a father isn’t badass enough, this dad takes it to another level and not only risks his life at sea when sailing around the world alone, but also as he runs up the rig and sail of his IMOCA 60 monohull and then dives – head first – off into the black water below. Wearing a suit. Whew. Bad. Ass. period.

This is just the kind of badassery that represents the challenges of fatherhood. Recognize the challenge, accept – and get climbing fast. Live life to the fullest – share your passion with the kids, try out their passions, make time for family fun always and hope like hell it’s on the water. And if you’re crazy enough (don’t do it): walk the mast. Just make sure the kids aren’t following behind you this time.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all you BadAss Dads out there!