WORLD RECORD! Largest Surfboard with Most Surfers

We told you about our neighbors down the street from TotalBoat HQ at MouldCam. They built the world’s largest surfboard in 2 pieces and shipped it to Huntington Beach, CA where it was used to set a record over the weekend for Largest Surfboard ever built at 42′ and for the MOST surfers to ride a wave (66 riders rode for more than 10 seconds).

Check out the report above and then take a record setting ride aboard the big beast with the onboard GoPro cam below. Congrats to all – especially to our pals at MouldCam! Job well done!


Building the World’s Largest Surfboard

Our neighbors  and good JD customers down the street at mouldCAM are into a pretty cool project. They are building the worlds longest, largest and most bad ass surfboard ever constructed. But they are no strangers to oversized composite projects. mouldCAM has global presence (as well as it’s neighboring shop in Bristol) and they have taken on global sized projects in art and architecture, marine, automotive, industrial and renewable energy.

The board is being built for Visit Huntington Beach campaign where they hope to break the world record for most people to catch a wave on a surfboard. The board is going to be 42 feet long, 11 feet wide and is designed to hold 62 people onboard.

“It’s huge, it’s big, we call it the big board and it is the big board,” said project manager Bob Steel.

mouldCAM is doing the first part of the project of manufacturing the board. The board will then be sent out to California to be painted and finished before heading to Huntington Beach.

Read more about this cool project here. We can’t wait to get the SurfCAM pics of the crowd at Huntington Beach catching a wave on this beast. If they can get all 62 people to ride a wave for at least 10 seconds, it will be a new world record.

Read more about the project here. Go the Big Board!

TotalBoat on Instagram

Martha's #grain #surfboard is almost ready to ride the waves... Leash tie and vent installed. Lookin sweet! @grainsurfboards now we just need some #sun and #surf!

Martha’s #grain #surfboard is almost ready to ride the waves… Leash tie and vent installed. Lookin sweet! @grainsurfboards now we just need some #sun and #surf!

TotalBoat on Instagram

#Couples who #spray together.... Well, you know..... #madmartha and her man apply another coat of #awlcraft on her #grain #surfboard #shopnight rules

#Couples who #spray together…. Well, you know….. #madmartha and her man apply another coat of #awlcraft on her #grain #surfboard #shopnight rules