Yacht Surfing

After a long weekend, hopefully some of which was spent ON the boat and not UNDER it, we ease you back into the week with some fun on the water. When tubing and cannonballs off the bridge become banal, then look no further than Yacht Surfing.

All you need is a pal with a yacht (or a big wake), a surfboard and good balance. Ok – none of us will try this but it’s fun to watch. Plenty of wipe outs and bikinis and selfie sticks to charge us up for a short week… until it’s back to the boat for the weekend. Hopefully…


Building the World’s Largest Surfboard

Our neighbors  and good JD customers down the street at mouldCAM are into a pretty cool project. They are building the worlds longest, largest and most bad ass surfboard ever constructed. But they are no strangers to oversized composite projects. mouldCAM has global presence (as well as it’s neighboring shop in Bristol) and they have taken on global sized projects in art and architecture, marine, automotive, industrial and renewable energy.

The board is being built for Visit Huntington Beach campaign where they hope to break the world record for most people to catch a wave on a surfboard. The board is going to be 42 feet long, 11 feet wide and is designed to hold 62 people onboard.

“It’s huge, it’s big, we call it the big board and it is the big board,” said project manager Bob Steel.

mouldCAM is doing the first part of the project of manufacturing the board. The board will then be sent out to California to be painted and finished before heading to Huntington Beach.

Read more about this cool project here. We can’t wait to get the SurfCAM pics of the crowd at Huntington Beach catching a wave on this beast. If they can get all 62 people to ride a wave for at least 10 seconds, it will be a new world record.

Read more about the project here. Go the Big Board!

Great Wave at Maverick Hits a Fishing Boat

There are a few rules to follow as a boater – most revolve around safety and oh – ya know – staying in the boat. The very core of this video is upsetting for a few reasons. It just looks wrong to put a boat (full of people hanging off the sides) near, much less in front of, massive waves. We’ve seen the nuts on jet skis towing in surfers at big wave venues and that too looks so crazy, but they hustle out of the way with their speed and you rarely hear about them getting clobbered.

But this viral video is making its way around screens because it’s crazy, nuts, wild and insane. And dangerous. And crazy. Look and see. And let’s not even talk about the danger of putting spinning propellors near swimmers, surfers and massive boat-redirecting waves. I’m sweating just seeing the frozen YouTube still from the video.

What do you think? I’ve known fishermen to put powerboats inside a rock or shallow cove for the right casting position. But I try to keep my vessels and passengers free from breaking waves that might LAUNCH them over the sides. It’s just safer. Really.