Save the Date for the JD Tent Sale (April 22)

Get Excited For the Season With The Lowest Prices Of The Year

JD 2017 Tent Sale

Come on down to the annual JD Tent Sale. It’s a great time to get deals on the items on your list of spring launching needs. Not only will we have deals on everything we sell – but we have tech experts on hand from TotalBoat and from many of our favorite manufacturers who are great resources for your project and product questions. Continue reading

Video of the Week: Using Penetrating Epoxy – Tips from A Shipwright

If you ever wondered about when and why to use Penetrating Epoxy, Lou Sauzedde will help explain about some of the benefits. In this video, Lou removes a bench seat from a nice tender and discovers the varnish job from last season did not prevent checking in the wood, making large, discolored and unsightly gaps in an otherwise nice varnish job. By first stripping the varnish with a scraper (or try out TotalStrip) and then putting a nice smooth finish on with a planer, Lou coats the raw wood with a few coats of the Penetrating Epoxy.

The epoxy is very thin and clear and doesn’t require an expert application, as it is almost immediately absorbed into the dry, checked wood. It will fill in those gaps and checks and make the wood impenetrable by water (which causes the checking) and lay down a great foundation for 4-5 coats of varnish with UV protection. Using Total Boat Penetrating Epoxy is a great foundation for a lasting finish on your wood surfaces aboard.

Come meet Lou and ask him first hand about his tips and techniques. He will be at our Tent Sale tomorrow, 4/16 from 8am-4pm. Info on the huge clearance deals and other cool displays and events can be found here! See you there!