Hooked on Louis Sauzedde, the Affable Shipwright

Lou Ep 18 Get Smart, Get Motivated With Tips from a Shipwright

We’re not the only ones loving Lou Sauzedde and his Tips From a Shipwright series on building the TotalBoat Work Skiff. Lou’s work and the work of videographer Halsey Fulton, has caught the eye of much of the world wide web, especially the crafty creatives over at Hand & Eye, a great website, blog and media company with a focus on the “maker culture.” Continue reading

Building The Totalboat Work Skiff

Louis Sauzedde, the expert shipwright from our sponsored series of How-To videos, “Tips from A Shipwright,” is in love with the classic work skiff. So much so that he is building one from scratch in his driveway.
“It’s easy,” promises Lou.  And in this new video series, Lou will show you exactly how to build one of your own with ease.  In this first episode, Lou breaks down the lumber needed for each part of the boat, as well as some history of the heritage of the Rhode Island work skiff and how to go about best constructing a boat yourself at home. Continue reading

Meet Louis Sauzedde at the JD Tent Sale on 4/16

In just 2 short weeks, the Jamestown Distributors tent sale will be taking place in our Bristol location with plenty to see, buy and even try! (April 16th, 2016 – 8a,-4pm) Special guest, Louis Sauzedde, will be on site working all day on a skiff he is redoing. He will be there to answer your questions, show you some of his favorite “Tips from A Shipwright” videos and share tips as he works in the tent. It will be a tent sale with a mini boat show going on – as we invite our vendors and customers to bring small (under 20′) boats on trailers to the tent sale to show off and to show to the experts for advice on repairs, restoration or just which paint color and type might work best. We will have all the TotalBoat products open and on display for you to try with your own hand and to compare to products you might be used to working with.

This one day event promises to deliver plenty of great bargains on clearance items and sales on favorites, including bottom paint. It is THE day to take your road trip to beautiful Bristol, Rhode Island and have lunch (we serve up some killer hot dogs for cheap). And speaking of bottom paint, we will have a bottom paint Q&A session with the 2015 Chief of Bottom Paint Testing,  Dr. Scott Rutherford, Associate Professor in the Dept. of Environmental Sciences at Roger Williams University. Scott will go over the extensive research done with RWU on over 20 different bottom paints last summer. He is sure to debunk some of the myth around which paint you should be using.

So mark your calendars and come by on Saturday, April 16 from 8am – 4pm.

If you plan to bring your boat, let us know. We’ll hook you up with a Free TotalBoat hat!

Until then, enjoy this podcast with Lou, himself, and compile your list of questions for him. He’ll be ready!


Tips From A Shipwright: How to Steam Bend In A Plastic Bag

Well, if this isn’t one of the most clever ideas you’ve never thought of – then please tell us what is! People invent plenty of crazy ways to steam bend wood when building or restoring wooden boats, but few have used or even considered using a plastic bag. Also extremely clever is how Lou demonstrates his method for progressive bevel cutting. Check it out!

If Louis Sauzedde isn’t the ultimate wooden shipwright and movie star, then who could it be? He has turned wooden boat restoration into a video series attracting lots of attention and fixing up some special boats along the way. We love that he attacks his projects with confidence and traditional sense, but is not afraid to try out a new material or new idea that challenges everything he was taught about his profession.

Follow along with the rest of this 4 part (so far) video series on the restoration of “Remora” here and delight in watching Lou work and in his super wicked Rhody accent. So killa!

Tips from A Shipwright: Rivets on Remora (Part 3)

More sage advice from a couple of LouS…. yes, an extra Lou could be really handy to have around the workshop and don’t we often wish we had extra hands for our projects? We have been following his progress with this Herreshoff 12 1/2 Remora that had her stem replaced, was reframed and was in generally very rough shape before Lou took on this restoration.

Lou always imparts some great wisdom and simple tips on us which are handy in many situations. So have a look at his current tip on how to rivet and how to make them nice and tight. Forever. Thanks, LouS!

Timelapse of Making a New Stem for a 12 1/2

Oh, Lou. The master shipwright was back at it for this video of him making a new stem for the classic 12 1/2 Remora.  In this time-lapse, Lou uses the holes he drilled in the old stem as a pattern to create and laminate a brand new stem, and as usual – he makes it look so darned easy – and FAST!

More love for the time lapse here – as it’s a great way to show the progression of a project that is so important to the hull and therefore important to do right! Gluing the strips and clamping them on the jig he made with his old holes and the clamps is a great way to nail the shape and fit of a new piece. Nothing better than patterning off the old piece – so keep this in mind as you remove old or rotten wood – and try to preserve any pieces or clues that might be helpful in making your new piece.

Need some help with your laminating? – here is a video from Tips from a Shipwright cutting and gluing white oak into strips. These videos will get you going in no time:

Good luck!


Tips from A Shipwright: A Plan for a 12 1/2

Master Shipwright and sage video tipster, Louis Sauzedde, has his work cut out for him with this sweet little Herreshoff 12 1/2. She was washed up on the rocks and has some pretty serious damage that will require Lou’s expert work on her stem, planks, frames and bulkheads. So yeah, pretty much most of the boat needs some Lou love.

But he is not daunted by the task and in this video he goes over what his plan of attack is and how important it is to take the boat apart in pieces to retain the hull shape that makes it such a beauty and a pleasure to sail.  This little boat is lucky to be “alive” and is even luckier to have landed in Lou’s capable shop.

More Tips from A Shipwright: How to Strike a Straight Waterline

Since no one seems to tire of the wisdom from the ultimate shipwright, Lou Sauzedde, we again offer a video from his Tips from A Shipwright Series that we guess will be very timely and useful to those of us who are repainting a bottom and wanting a straight waterline. Is there really any other kind of waterline to have? Well, sadly – Yes!

How often have you seen a boat on her mooring with a wonky waterline? It stands out as an obvious mistake and while it’s easy to tape a nice line for your bottom paint job, getting that line to be level and at the actual waterline is another trick.

Painting a new waterline doesn’t have to be a big deal. Nail your topsides paint job and then get out the string and get leveling. Lou’s methods are time tested. He doesn’t cut corners, but does a great job explaining simple execution of common tasks which plague many boaters.


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Videos are constantly being made around here to enhance the #totalboat user experience. #tips and #tricks from the #experts #bostonWhaler #whalerblue #paint #wetedge @fishhawkfilms

Videos are constantly being made around here to enhance the #totalboat user experience. #tips and #tricks from the #experts #bostonWhaler #whalerblue #paint #wetedge @fishhawkfilms