Video of the Week: Boat Painting – Waterline & Cove Stripe

In part 4 of our Video of the Week series called Boat Painting 101, it’s time to put the finishing touches on the Black Watch 26’s hull. With the new topsides paint job completed, it’s time to paint the waterline, buff out a few runs and apply a cove stripe for a sharp, finished look. Brendan sprays on 3 coats of TotalBoat Wet Edge Topside Polyurethane and gets great results. The Quantum99 topside paint likes to be buffed when necessary to repair imperfections in the paint job or maybe a ding or scratch from a wild docking maneuver.

Follow along in this final video in the series and see how we get it done!

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Boat Painting 101: Priming the Hull

In Step 2 of our Boat Painting 101 series, (Watch part 1 here) we have reached the time to prime! The hull is ready for multiple applications of the TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer which will form a nice, thick but smooth surface onto which we can apply the topcoat. Brendan has prepared the hull perfectly and this next step goes smoothly as he rolls and sprays applications of the epoxy based primer to create the best painting surface possible on the Black Watch 26 hull.

If your hull isn’t fair and properly prepped, you can almost count on your topcoat being difficult and imperfect. A great topside paint job is easier to maintain and repair than many of the other professionally applied spray jobs, such as AwlGrip. Pay close attention to the directions on the can and data sheet for your product. Each paint is different and will have varied application instructions, induction times and prep requirements. Your attention to detail in this important priming step will ensure that your topsides have the best possible base for a killer paint job that will last and look great.


Come to DIY Boat Paint Day – Wed. December 9th

Have you ever tried to paint your boat’s topsides? It isn’t quite as easy as it looks and it’s got to look good – unlike your bottom paint job which nicely hides away for the season it’s in use. “Slapping” paint on the topsides takes skill, patience and lots of preparation…and the right tools for the job. EMC’s Quantum Coatings offer some amazing 2 part primer, paint and varnish options for topsides and wood aboard.  Their new Genius Bucket includes everything you need to paint your boat so you don’t have to struggle with your project list – just grab the Genius Bucket and get painting.

To help celebrate this great new Genius Bucket product, we are inviting all DIY painters to come by JD and meet the paint formulators and geniuses. Our DIY drop in day offers some giveaways (many cool soft coolers to give away!), plenty of great application tips and a chance to ask questions, try your hand at rolling and see for yourself how to apply the EMC Quantum marine coatings.

Stop in any time between 2pm- 7pm next Wednesday, December 9th at Jamestown Distributors location in Bristol. (MAP IT: 17 Peckham Drive, Bristol, RI 02809) and visit with the paint pros. Even if you aren’t painting the boat now – their great painting tips will come in handy time and time again. Spread the word, bring a friend. Snacks, drinks and fun giveaways provided!


“Paint Chip” Debuts on the Racecourse!

A few years ago, when my son was barely able to steer without help on his sailing camp’s Mercury sailboat, he was handed down a pretty beat up Optimist dinghy. It was better than Christmas when we went to drag the boat out of a leaf pile, under the tree of a very lovely fellow Yacht Club family.  The mom made some funny comments about the boat repair work her son had attempted on the boat years ago and wished us *luck* with the latest member of our fleet. And just like that an obsession was born. My now ten year old son, Oliver had his OWN boat to work on. He had big plans for repairing the ignored dents and a new paint job and oh my gosh – what would he name it? The ideas and dreams were circling inside his head and such is the story of yet another man (to-be) with big boat ideas and little practical knowledge. Continue reading

How to Apply Topside Paint

It’s the time of year when you get to stand closer to your boat and its topsides than you can at any other time of year. Okay – maybe when you pull alongside in the dinghy or swim along the waterline for a cleanup you get a good look, but nothing screams PAINT ME more than a few months staring at your dinged up, scraped up hull at eye level.

Soon though, WE LAUNCH! So time to get those topsides in top condition. If you have gelcoat, you can fill and fair and patch – but it can be hard to match faded gelcoat and it can often end up looking worse than when you started! Enter: Topside Paint. With a nice finish and some clean, invisible brush strokes, a good topside paint job will look fathoms better than bad gelcoat. And oh man – does it cost less! A can of one-part TotalBoat Wet Edge topside paint can breathe new life into your whole boat with one simple application. Apply 2-3 coats and you’re even better off. (And it comes in 20!!! colors!)

Watch the “Tips from a Shipwright” guru, Lou Sauzedde, as he gives us some tips on how to get a great finish with this great paint. And if you’re like me, a topside paint job can get… marital… so when you pick a buddy to help you roll and tip – make them watch this video, too. Two experts are better than none!

And as you row up to or swim alongside your fine looking yacht, you will be happy you went for a new coat of paint on the topsides. As they say – a layer of paint can hide a multitude of sins (and crashes and dings and bad docking jobs and…..) Yup.

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Brendan applies some TotalBoat #topside #primer LOVE to the #stonehorse in the #shop

Brendan applies some TotalBoat #topside #primer LOVE to the #stonehorse in the #shop

This week at Shop Night

Great shop night at JD this week! We tested new topside paints, varnishes and epoxies.shopnight1


Left to right:  Steve, Elwood, Liz, Owen, Brad, Jon and JB.  From the mezzanine you can also see the product lab in the back left, and two of our testing craft:  a 1989 26 ft. Blackwatch (Six Impossible Things), and a sooped up Buzzards Bay 25, built by New England Boatworks in 2001.  Both boats are currently testing various blends of new TotalBoat Bottompaint, and varnishes.  The Blackwatch restoration has also used a lot of TotalBoat epoxy, gelcoat, thixo, and bilge paint.



Here Liz and Jon are testing some new polyurethanes on a box in the shop spray room.



Steve, Mike and Liz inspecting the gloss.



Here is the brand new TotalBoat Tabletop epoxy!  We’re using a torch to pop the bubbles and give the surface a crystal clear appearance.

Customer Spotlight – Brooke Seckel

Brooke Seckel-01Brooke Seckel-02 Brooke Seckel-03

Brooke Seckel sent us a whole powerpoint of photos for this contest! The Seckels renovated nearly every part of their 1972 Lyman Islander; starting from the inside out. They repainted the entire 32-foot hull; using TotalBoat Wet Edge for topside paint and JD Select Bottom Paint for below the waterline, and replaced the entire top deck as well. In addition, they also replaced and varnished their Lyman mahogany helm (not shown). Both the interior and exterior of the boat’s cabin was redone; as well as the boat’s transom. This included an enormous amount of new brightwork and varnish, as well as replacing rotted wood in the window frames and in other areas. The Seckel’s dog also helped too! During the renovation process, you could almost always find Zephyr hanging around the shop and supervising everyone’s work. Unfortunately, we couldn’t use all of their fantastic photos here, but we’ve tried to highlight some of the most drastic changes, and we couldn’t resist leaving Zephyr out of the photos.