JD Tent Sale to Feature “Mini” Boat Show

First Ever Customer Boat Display at JD Tent Sale Runabout tent sale

Next Saturday’s JD Tent Sale is always a big hit with the local and sort-of local customers. Why not road trip on a spring Saturday to come check out the deals and offers and to take in some of our special seaside town, here in Bristol, RI. The Tent Sale IS a great excuse to visit the JD and TotalBoat HQ, and this year even moreso because we will have Louis Sauzedde from the TotalBoat Work Skiff video series here. Everyone seems to want to meet Louis, but we suspect they want to check out his amazing skiff and with that in mind, we got to thinking that there are other customers doing amazing boat building. And most likely, customers like you want to see those projects, too. Continue reading

Danish Teak Sealer: Easy to Use and Effective

We just made this video about a product we have been getting rave reviews about: TotalBoat Danish Teak Sealer. In this video it is used on a teak deck and brings an older boat back to it’s beautiful teak decked glory.

Not all wood needs to be varnished or even protected. Many choose to leave teak and mahogany to grey and “fade” in the sun, which is certainly an option. But your wood is thirsty and will absorb water and thereby start to produce mold and mildew and this is when a teak oil or sealer will be very handy.

Easy application helps make a case for applying a few coats each season to extend the life of your wood. And right now – near then end of the summer – is a great time to add a coat to your wood. Give it a nice bath and then an easy coating or two of this great product. Your wood will thank you!

The Science of Bottom Paint: Get Involved!


Jamestown Distributors has been selling bottom paint for nearly 40 years and as a top seller of most major brands, we are excited to be teaming up with the Roger Williams University bio-science and marine science department to study a wide range of bottom paints and evaluate their performance. Jamestown has been collecting bottom paint data for years from our customers to learn which paints work in what harbors and on what boats. Your input to this data collection is so important and we hope you will take the time to enter the info about your own bottom paint choice for this season by participating in our Bottom Paint Survey.

Your data will augment the work being done by the RWU students who are conducting this very thorough testing of 22 brands of antifouling bottom paints over the summer and into the fall.  This video shows how they planned and constructed the 10 barges which they placed in 5 locations around SE New England. Before the science even started, they were into a major project centered around the scientific process and how to design and construct sturdy barges and a research process that would get the job done and produce reliable results.

TotalBoat bottom paints are, of course, a part of the RWU independent study and while some manufacturers might not want to hear about how their paint stacks up, we are anxious to hear about which paints work and which don’t – not only in the TB brand, but across the board. Because what better way is there to improve upon and nail the winning formula for antifouling, than understanding what works, what doesn’t work, and where.

So hop over to our Bottom Paint Survey and check out the simple questions. It won’t take long to compete it and you will feel like an expert marine biologist knowing that you are helping the science of improving bottom paint formulas. And next year your own bottom will be that much cleaner. (yeah – no one likes a dirty bottom….. we get it.)

Here’s a sneak peek at a panel we looked at today…. new video coming soon about midseason progress on the bottom paint barges…. stay tuned!

“Paint Chip” Debuts on the Racecourse!

A few years ago, when my son was barely able to steer without help on his sailing camp’s Mercury sailboat, he was handed down a pretty beat up Optimist dinghy. It was better than Christmas when we went to drag the boat out of a leaf pile, under the tree of a very lovely fellow Yacht Club family.  The mom made some funny comments about the boat repair work her son had attempted on the boat years ago and wished us *luck* with the latest member of our fleet. And just like that an obsession was born. My now ten year old son, Oliver had his OWN boat to work on. He had big plans for repairing the ignored dents and a new paint job and oh my gosh – what would he name it? The ideas and dreams were circling inside his head and such is the story of yet another man (to-be) with big boat ideas and little practical knowledge. Continue reading

Take a Spin on Bronco M32

Nothing like flipping on the “summer” switch around these parts of New England that just a few months ago were buried in snow. Just like that the regattas have started and the boats are lined up ready to race.

The M32 class got a head start around here (calling early May a head start) with their appearance at the Volvo Ocean Race Stopover in Newport. The M32 was set up on shore and there were opportunities to go for a ride on one with experienced crew.

And speaking of experienced crew, our TotalBoat Ambassador, Brock Callen, who enjoys going as fast as possible on the water (or just above it – when foiling or kiting)  rides aboard this bucking catamaran, Bronco, and like the mad man he is: he wears a GoPro and grabs some great footage while out on the course conquering Leukemia. What a guy! He shared this video with us because he was in the shop recently grabbing some TotalBoat paint for his various rides (all of them!) and he has has hands on so many cool water toys that when the other hand has a GoPro in it – we wanna see!

Thanks for sharing, Brock!


Power & Motoryacht Magazine Loves the Trailer Mounted Boat Lift


They’re onto us! Power and Motoryacht Magazine loves the TotalBoat Trailer Mounted Boat Lift for its ingenious system of safely lifting a powerboat (not a motoryacht, though) up to get under the bottom to paint or to work on the trailer.

Pick one up for Father’s Day yet?





Father’s Day Gifts for the Nauti Dad

If your dad loves boating or fishing or just being on the water, we have some cool gear that will make your Father’s Day shopping much easier. There are lots of cool ways to keep dad safe and happy and on the water this year – so check out the pics, descriptions and links to buy listed below.

Father’s Day is NEXT WEEKEND – June 21st – so get shopping!  You’re welcome!

ACR AquaLink 406 Personal Locator Beacon
    Keep Dad safe and alive when Dad goes overboard or goes boating alone. A PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) will give his exact position to USCG and local marine authorities in the event of a mishap aboard. The ACR AquaLink 406 MHz PLB is a fully buoyant, lightweight personal locator beacon for use in emergency situations anywhere in the world. In the event of an emergency, simply deploy the antenna and turn on. The Aqualink 406 will immediately activate the GPS and transmit LAT/LON to local SAR using a powerful 406 MHz signal.

Trailer Mounted Boat Lift
    The TotalBoat Trailer-Mounted Boat Lift is a safe, stress-free way to raise a boat weighing up to 10,000 pounds up to 12″ above the bunks or rollers, by yourself. Do routine maintenance with your boat still securely attached to the trailer.
Continue reading

Bottom Paint Testing with a Little Help from Our Friends

Last summer we launched our own bottom paint testing program. We learned a lot, improved some of our own paint formulas and we’re back at it for the 2015 boating season.

Putting 22 different bottom paints on 10 floats, the “barges” will be installed in pairs in 5 New England locations, and their growth and performance will be monitored throughout the summer. This season, we have enlisted the help of the Roger William University Environmental Science students. Under the direction of Environmental Studies professor, Dr. Scott Rutherford, the students are building these 10 barges with flotation and will be using a spreadsheet to keep track of the different bottom paints/ barge locations/ water temps/ currents and the coverage of fouling organisms on over 200 panels. The ten barges will be set up in a variety of locations and the panels will be pulled, documented and rotated every 2 weeks. The RWU team has really taken this testing to a new level, as they plan to weigh each of the 720 panels every 2 weeks and record that weight with notes about the percentage of fouling organisms found on the test panel.

Each panel – as you will see in the photos – is numbered and that number corresponds to a spreadsheet listing the actual bottom paint brand used on it. No one will know which paints are on which panels – until the end – and each panel will be moved to a different location on its barge when they are pulled every 2 weeks.

Watch this space for the progression, photos and eventually results of the experiment. And feel free to participate on your own by recording your boat’s bottom paint type, your location, the growth you witness and more by signing up to be AN ANTIFOULER! We are proud to be spearheading this gold standard of bottom paint testing using TotalBoat brands and most of the major brands used by boaters nationwide. By learning about what works and doesn’t work in the antifouling world, we can formulate more effective and less toxic paint formulas and have happy bottoms and a healthy ocean.

Get involved! Be a Test Subject. (takes 5 minutes, tops!)

The Essex River Race – He Did It!

Richard Honan has been hard at work all winter long in his boat building workshop (a TotalBoat Shop!) building this beautiful Adirondack Guide Boat. We have been following his build and have a page dedicated to Richard’s latest masterpiece building endeavor here.

We are so proud of Richard and his hard work and hope you will check out the full gallery of photos and his updates on our TotalBoat Shop page and here.

His update – sent Sunday evening – presumably after a tiring but exhilarating day, was as follows:

RH: What a wonderful day yesterday at the Essex River Row, six mile race starting across from Woodman’s Seafood Restaurant, down the Essex River, to the back side of Cranes Beach and then back up the river to the finish line. It was extra special because after six months of constructing of my Adirondack Guide Boat, this was the baptism, the first day in the water. Joining me on the water were my brother Bill Honan and nephew Matthew W Honan rowing in my 15’00” Duck Trap Wherry, the “William & Anthony”. Continue reading

Ready for the Essex River Race

This weekend the Essex River Race will take over the shoreline and waters near Ipswich, Massachusetts.  And our TotalBoat Ambassador, Richard Honan, will be front and center with his beautiful, home built Adirondack Guide Boat.

After months of building and gallons of TotalBoat paints and epoxies, Richard is read to take his beautiful boat to the river. Check out the info below about the race and Richard’s boatbuilding page on TotalBoat Shop.

The Essex River Race is a 5.5+ mile open water event from the Essex River at Route 133 in Essex, out behind the barrier beaches of Ipswich and back. Participants row or paddle small boats through one of the most scenic tidal areas in New England. Occasionally the water can be very rough, with strong winds and currents. As with all on-water activities in such conditions, safety should be the first concern of all participants and organizers. The orderly, safe and sportsmanlike conduct of this event is your personal responsibility, and is essential to guaranteeing the future of the Essex River Race.

Read more…