Fixing the Deck Crazing on a 13′ Boston Whaler

Boston Whalers are like the Ford F150 of boats: bomb proof, reliable, made in America! and popular to those who like a simple but proven boat for harbor cruises, trips back and forth to the boat, or for some water sports adventuring. When the TotalBoat Shop got an “offer” to get in on the deck restoration of a vintage 13′ Whaler who was suffering from crazing and cracking all around, we knew that it was a chance to show the Whaler groupies about one of the great ways to restore this important part of the boat.

No one wants to go boating on any sized craft and see little cracks all around the structure of the boat. Boats and cracks are NOT meant to hang together and so when the owner of this boat settled on a pretty major refit from stem to stern, we got involved for the deck refurbishing and got our Boston Whaler Blue WetEdge Topside paint involved. While that was the final coat after many hours and layers of important steps underneath, it was the icing on the Whaler cake because it took a nasty looking formerly white (ish) interior and added that famous “Whaler Blue” color and resulted in a brand new looking hull.

Underneath the topside paint is plenty of sweat and hard work. Lots of grinding and fairing led up to the final coat and we leaned heavily on TotalFair Fairing Compound and 2 Part Epoxy Primer to get the job done and make it last for the next 25+ years.

Watch our video about the repair and restoration process of the crazed interior. Something so ugly can be easily fixed to like-new using the right tools and process. Enjoy!


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#filming some fairing going on with #TotalFair. Rehabbing a sweet 13' #bostonwhaler. Stay tuned for the whole video on #TotalBoat #youtube channel....

#filming some fairing going on with #TotalFair. Rehabbing a sweet 13′ #bostonwhaler. Stay tuned for the whole video on #TotalBoat #youtube channel….

Kemosabe Hardtop, Part 2

Kemosabe’s new hardtop is coming along great.  Recall, Part 1 of our project blog last month covered all initial materials, design and construction of the hardtop through two complete layers of glass/epoxy on the underside and topside where we left off.  Since then, we have sanded a ton, faired, glassed, sanded and sanded some more.  Learning as we go is an understatement and we are psyched to share project update Part 2 with you here.  Check it out.

Kemosabe Hardtop, Part 2:
TotalFair was used on the underside of our top wherever the more significant construction went down to support the pipework.  The TotalFair here was awesome as a profiling filling and fairing putty that mixed well, feathered well, and did not pinhole.  The areas that are green in pictures below are where we used TotalFair.  Once cured, we sanded and prepped both the underside and topside with layer of TotalBoat 5:1 Epoxy mixed with phenolic microballoons, shown in pictures as the overall brown coating that was perfect once cured to sand to a consistent smooth surface all around.

As time and scope is always the name of game with any project, we were multi-tasking throughout this sanding & fairing part 2 phase of the project.  As the fairing compound was curing and in between initial fairing/sanding coats of microballoons, we built our light boxes.  The pictures below show the basic construction, glassing, fairing and sanding of the light boxes.   We added the boxes to the top during final stage of Part 2 in order to complete the final fairing coats of epoxy/microballoons over the entire underside with everything in order to sand smooth all together.

With the topside and underside completely faired and sanded we are on to the next phase of project….   the edges and paint prep…  stay tuned.