It’s Time: Bottom Painting on the Trailer

Last year we introduced this nifty new contraption to help you paint the bottom of your trailered boat while still on the trailer. Reaching the entire bottom of the boat on a trailer was mostly impossible and has been a boon to trailered boaters for years. If this is your story: check out this video about this brilliant solution.

The TotalBoat Trailer Mounted Boat Lift is the answer. In case you missed our intro last spring – here it is again! The lift attaches to most trailers and with 4 units, each capable of holding 2500 pounds, can lift a boat of up to 10,000 pounds. Each lift can be cranked by hand on all 4 points and lifts the boat approximately 8-12″ off the trailer giving you plenty of room to paint the bottom, service bunks or rollers or do other trailer maintenance like rewiring.

While raising the boat, it’s easy to keep the load balanced by turning the adjustable rod on each lift one half turn at a time. As your boat lifts up off of the trailer, it remains stable and secure because the lifts are attached firmly to the trailer itself.

Check out the webpage for this very helpful product and try it out. We even offer free shipping on it for the time being – so HURRY!

Mad Boat Trailer Loading Skills

DON’T Try this at home! Seems a bit dangerous but this captain nails it, entering his trailer bunks at about 20knots. (ish). You can tell at a boat ramp who has done this before and who is green. It’s akin to watching people attempt to dock their boats; backing up a trailer, getting all the pieces checked off the launching or hauling checklist (drain plug, transport straps, engine tilt, bow clip…) and NOT making a spectacle of yourself or ruining your car/ truck/ boat/ trailer/ first mate – all of it – easy to do if you don’t know what you’re doing!

While it’s riveting to watch people screw up and make a mess of their boating – it’s also nice to see the skilled yachtspeople nail it. And this guy nails it!  Enjoy!


Power & Motoryacht Magazine Loves the Trailer Mounted Boat Lift


They’re onto us! Power and Motoryacht Magazine loves the TotalBoat Trailer Mounted Boat Lift for its ingenious system of safely lifting a powerboat (not a motoryacht, though) up to get under the bottom to paint or to work on the trailer.

Pick one up for Father’s Day yet?





Reach the Bottom of your Trailered Powerboat

We already told you about the cool new TotalBoat Trailer Mounted Boat Lift that the boat trailering and bottom painting experts at Jamestown Distributors dreamed up… Well they are flying off the shelves because – as we say in Little Rhody – they are WICKED awesome and super helpful for getting under the boat for bottom painting and trailer work.

This new video we just produced shows you how easy it is to use the Trailer Mounted Boat Lift. You can single-handedly crank up the boat with your bare hands (turning the screw handles) and it’s safe and easy and it works on boats of all sizes and up to 10,000 pounds.

Sold in kits of 4, it’s not insane to think that you could get a set of the stands and share around the ‘hood, the club or even at the ramp as fellow boaters swoon at your perfectly painted boat’s bottom!

Available at here.

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