Sailing & The 2016 Rio Olympic Games


How to Watch and cheer for the US Sailing Team competing in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

While the above video is not current (it’s a viral sensation from the 2012 games that is worth repeating) it is certainly relevant with the Olympics going on in Rio, Brazil. There has been a lot of talk about the venue, Rio’s lack of preparedness and the water quality specifically, have been topics that are close to sailors, as they have a good chance of not only sailing in contaminated water, but of having trash in the water foul their blades (rudders, centerboards, etc) which could certainly affect medal chances and make or break a race for any sailor out there.  Continue reading

Woman Power: Good Karma Racing’s Uncharted Waters

Sarah Skeels and Cindy Walker are a success story long before they even reach their goal of winning Paralympic gold. These two ladies have overcome so many physical challenges that start when they get out of bed each morning. But that does not slow them down or deter them from reaching for the stars. These ladies have overcome their physical challenges and are in love with sailing for setting them free and allowing them to be in control.

This video is a wonderful look into their program, their Paralympic dreams and their progress. TotalBoat has been supporting their efforts since they announced their intentions, and we will continue to support them in any way possible. From lending them shop space and all the TotalBoat materials they need – to moral and sailing support- we think their goals and accomplishments are amazing.  Sarah and Cindy have already won, as far as we are concerned. A gold medal from Rio would just be testimony to their efforts and a major achievement.

You can still support their program by donating to the Good Karma Charitable Foundation, A 501(c)3. Click here to get behind Team Good Karma. Go Sarah & Cindy!