Tell Us About Your Varnish


If you’re like most boat owners – somewhere on your boat you have some varnish to maintain. And it’s either a very rewarding experience looking at your beautifully finished wood pieces or it’s a boon. We sell the best varnishes out there and with TotalBoat, we also make some, too. We want to know which varnish is your favorite. We want to know how many coats and what kind of brush you use and how often you touch it up and add coats. Our Varnish Survey asks you 12 short questions that might take you 2 minutes to answer. CLICK HERE to take the VARNISH SURVEY Continue reading

Varnishing Beetle Cat Spars with LUST Varnish

Because we are a company of DIY boaters around here, when we set out to develop a new varnish to add to our line of TotalBoat products, we had some pretty serious requirements. The first was easy – to develop the very best one part, high gloss varnish possible. We work long hours and prefer to spend our time on the boat, not applying coats of varnish between tedious sanding sessions.

TotalBoat LUST Varnish is just what we were after: A revolutionary one-part varnish that looks great and can withstand Florida, Rhode Island, California, etc salt spray and sunshine while not taking more time to maintain than installing all new teak pieces! We all know a proper varnish job can take upwards of 20 hours to complete, which is why often this was a job best left to the professionals.

Then came Lust. With a beautiful warm, rich, amber finish, Lust is the first true one part marine varnish that allows multiple coats in one day, without sanding between coats. In ideal conditions, you can apply up to 5 coats in one day without ever sanding. These Beetle Cat Spars had 4 coats applied on day one, and on day 2, after a light sanding to take down the high spots and find the holidays, we went back for another 5 coats. The build was beautiful, it laid flat and self-leveled and the grain was looking clear and sharp through the amber color.

If you want to cut corners – and we don’t – then grab one of those marine finishes – the varnish look-alikes with extra pigments and dyes to replicate a fine varnish job. But know that there is no substitute for a great build of beautiful varnish, and you can tell who puts in the time and who cuts the corners. Lust is the ideal replacement for your other varnishes. With the excellent UV inhibitors built in, it can stand up to fish blood, mooring lines, jib sheets and plenty of salt and sun: the enemy to many finishes.


The TotalBoat team is pleased with the product feedback, we are super pleased with the results on our own boats and we are on the case to develop more revolutionary products that make boat ownership and maintenance more about using and enjoying the boat and less about toiling over the tedious jobs that plague boat owners.

Try it out and let us know what you think! We welcome your feedback!