StanCraft’s Wicked Ski Boat

Quick follow up to the post today – a video of the sweet StanCraft ski boat/ bowrider that caught my eye… check out the smooth ride and sweet tricks the wetsuit man pulls off.

Summer is here, peeps. Get out there!  Happy Friday!


Send Us Your Launching Photos & Videos

Launching your boat? We have been getting some fun photos and videos from customers of their launchings. Here is the first video we got! It’s not sunny or even warm looking, but it’s spring and that means LAUNCH THE BOATS!

Send us your pics for a chance to win some TotalBoat SWAG!

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Restoring the Mathis Trumpy “Freedom”

Nestled between the super sheds of Hinckley and Hunt Yachts in Portsmouth RI is the more unassuming, yet equally impressive shed of McMillen Yachts. If you appreciate fine yacht restoration and the sweetness of American Motor Yachts – Trumpys, to be exact, then check out the painstaking attention to detail taken by the restoration experts at McMillen Yachts/ Mathis Yacht Building.

Under the leadership of classic yacht enthusiast, Earl McMillen, these guys have invented – or reinvented – the idea of fractional yacht ownership. Want a gorgeous classic yacht but don’t have 100% of the time or money required? Own a fraction of the yacht – and a beautiful yacht, at that. Check out the details on their website.

Then watch this video by Alison Langley of Maine ( about their restoration of Freedom and check out the write up they got on TotalBoat Show last year. ¬†And then look for their spiffy yacht lineup all around the East Coast. Not just motor yachts, either – the 12 Meter “Onawa” is part of their collection, seen often sailing off Newport. Eye candy – all of it!