Hydrofoil Cruising – Why Not Fly?


Why not fly behind the boat instead of being dragged? Imagine if Orville and Wilbur Wright had said, “No thanks, we’re happy just towing the plane behind the … car? Foiling is taking off as the latest waterborne craze and we are right there with it.  We love being out on the boat and being towed on surfboard, wakeboard, tube or waterskis. So why not get some lift involved? Continue reading

3 Weeks of Boatbuilding in 3 Minutes

Are we a broken record of loving cool timelapse videos? When you mix in boat building to the time lapse, it takes a long and somewhat broken up process and makes it into a symphony of smooth, simple and successful steps. The mishaps (we all have them…) are invisible, buried inside of a quick clip. The success is evident when, in the end, the long laborious project is – VOILA! Done!

screenshot-2016-10-21-15-16-08 Continue reading

Waterlust’s Kit Boat Construction & Epic Adventure

A 2-Month IntraCoastal Odyssey from Annapolis to Miami

The Waterlust crew has finally pulled into Miami, their home base. After a 2-month adventure, including boat building and lots of sailing (and pedaling), the team is home. Waterlust’s team of 4 built the 2 new kit boats in record time at Chesapeake Light Craft, and painted them to be beautiful specimens with our own marine epoxy primer and topside paint. Then the team set off, bows pointing south.  A month-plus and a tropical storm later, (see video 3 in the series, as they took cover from tropical Storm Hermine)  the team reached their home port unscathed by the weather, and invigorated by their boat building experience, the sea and their odyssey. Continue reading

Waterlust’s ICW Odyssey – Part 2: “Wetter is Better”

Screenshot 2016-08-31 12.58.35

If you watched Part 1 of the Waterlust Odyssey,  you saw them build a very cool sailing canoe with the folks at Chesapeake Light Craft in Annapolis. Mike Mills from JD was on hand to help them crank these boats out inside of their 3-week window and to provide some priming and painting expertise. Using the TotalBoat Topside Primer and some sweet colors for the topside paint, Mike set the team up with some technique and some product and got his hands dirty in the process.  Continue reading

Waterlust’s East Coast Odyssey – Part 1

CLC Waterlust

All photos courtesy of Waterlust

We have been big fans of Waterlust since we discovered their epic filmmaking with a purpose. This team of water lovers has been on a mission to “produce films and photography that capture the human experience with water as a platform to raise awareness about the environment,” and we have blogged about them often to bring their awesomeness your way.

So when they announced this most recent mission, to build a kit boat from scratch with Chesapeake Light Craft: Wooden Boat Kits then sail it 1000+ miles from Annapolis to Miami through the Intracoastal Waterway, we were all in. Continue reading

Checking in at CLC with Waterlust

Screenshot 2016-08-15 12.38.41

Watch the Waterlust team live on the CLC ShopCam and check out the finishing touches being added to their expedition boats.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that we have been helping get the Waterlust Video and Adventure Team out on the water in their newly built custom boats, built on site at Chesapeake Light Craft. (check out our most recent post here) The design is pretty sweet and simple for a kit boat that can be rowed, foot paddled and sailed. The hull colors have been painted with Wet Edge Topside Paint – in derivatives (aka custom colors) they invented with White and Boston Whaler Blue colors.  The boats have been named ‘Anna’ and ‘Mia,’ for the cities where the boats will begin and end their maiden voyage (Annapolis and Miami). And the Waterlust fingerprint water drop has been imprinted on their mizzen for full branding effect. (And It looks super cool). Continue reading

Boat Building with Waterlust at CLC

Hopefully you’re familiar with the marine based video geniuses at Waterlust. (Check out their website and their YouTube page of great videos). If not, go watch a few or read a few of the blog posts we posted about them.  We are big fans as they cleverly use boating, foiling, snorkeling, kiting, boats and all things water to make top-notch videos with a spin on science and conservation.

So, when Pat Rynne and his Waterlust team came to us with their latest idea and it involved boat building – we knew that somehow we had to be involved. The Waterlust team is set up for this week and next, in the shop at Chesapeake Light Craft where they are constructing 2 sail powered wooden boats that they plan to take from the Chesapeake all the way to Miami via the ICW.  Their idea was hatched from the Race to Alaska, which required that all boats be human or wind driven with no auxiliary power.  And rather than haul out to the West Coast for another R2AK, they decided to build their own boats (design TBA with the help of the masters of design and kit boats: CLC) inside of 2 weeks and head south back to Miami.

Continue reading

Obsessed With Water[lust]

Water is not all boats and bathtubs. Sometimes it’s the science of water and buoyancy that amazes us and this video has been amazing me all week long. Aside from the fact that it’s a truly uplifting and inspirational story, I am beyond impressed and drawn to the folks at Waterlust who continue to push out high quality videos about everything that has to do with lusting for water.

In, on, above and under the water – it’s the biggest element on earth and in our watery world of boats – it’s the common thread that ties us all together. Maybe you are a fresh water boater, or maybe saltwater.  Rivers, lakes, streams. Fisherman, kiteboarder, or maybe you surf. Wooden boats or plastic fantastics – we all do our thing on our own terms, in and on our own bodies of water.

This particular video is so poignant and points to the wonderful ways of the Archimedes’ Principle which states (and I quote or “borrow” from the Waterlust explanation) that an object submersed in a fluid will experience and upward force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by that object. This law of physics is especially important in the field of aqua therapy, and allows patients with severe injuries to improve their strength without bearing their full weight.

Check out the amazing work being done by Waterlust. After you watch this video. And I am guessing you might watch it more than once.



Waterlust: It Pays to Protect

This ingenious video from the clever videographers at the very salty, Waterlust, use some super cool video techniques to make a good point about the danger of attracting tourism centered around natural beauty. People vacation in naturally beautiful spots in droves and the natural beauty suffers. Such is the case with Iceland – a land far away and difficult to “pass through” by typical travel means – even by boat it is a tough one. But the travelers get there and in the high season they outnumber residents 3 to 1!  Those who love a good landscape, or bright blue ice in contrast to green hills and brightly painted architecture, find this country stunning.  But all this tourism is hurting the very attraction they seek: Iceland’s natural beauty is taking a hit.

The folks at Waterlust get it. They “Big Picture” get it and they, like us, appreciate clean oceans, tidy beaches and unspoiled landscapes. So jump into their super entertaining video(s) and be your own judge. And as you judge, tread lightly on your own slaty corner of the planet.

River Walkers – White Water SUP

As if careening down a frothy white river, avoiding rocks and fallen trees, other kayakers and big waterfalls wasn’t challenging enough in a kayak, these guys thought it would be fun to use a stand up paddleboard.   I admit it might be a bit boring looking to navigate a flat calm harbor, river, pond etc – but the SUP is merely a vehicle for exploring and using some core muscles and looking very very cool.

Well, these guys have taken it to the next level and they are certainly making those calm morning paddles look boring. Few of us could handle the rapids of even a class 1 river on a kayak, much less class 3/4 and 5 standing up on a paddleboard. And these guys eat it up and make it look easy.

So you’ll find me on the quiet and flat early morning harbor with the birds and the rising sun and the solitude I seek when i’m not quite awake yet. And i’ll probably never take to the river; my heart beats out of my chest just watching this. But like lots of our other posts – it’s not necessarily about what we go and do – it’s about possibility and dreaming, daring to try it and maybe best of all – watching someone else nail it.

You too can buy a cool inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard at Jamestown Distributors!!