Waterlust: It Pays to Protect

This ingenious video from the clever videographers at the very salty, Waterlust, use some super cool video techniques to make a good point about the danger of attracting tourism centered around natural beauty. People vacation in naturally beautiful spots in droves and the natural beauty suffers. Such is the case with Iceland – a land far away and difficult to “pass through” by typical travel means – even by boat it is a tough one. But the travelers get there and in the high season they outnumber residents 3 to 1!  Those who love a good landscape, or bright blue ice in contrast to green hills and brightly painted architecture, find this country stunning.  But all this tourism is hurting the very attraction they seek: Iceland’s natural beauty is taking a hit.

The folks at Waterlust get it. They “Big Picture” get it and they, like us, appreciate clean oceans, tidy beaches and unspoiled landscapes. So jump into their super entertaining video(s) and be your own judge. And as you judge, tread lightly on your own slaty corner of the planet.

River Walkers – White Water SUP

As if careening down a frothy white river, avoiding rocks and fallen trees, other kayakers and big waterfalls wasn’t challenging enough in a kayak, these guys thought it would be fun to use a stand up paddleboard.   I admit it might be a bit boring looking to navigate a flat calm harbor, river, pond etc – but the SUP is merely a vehicle for exploring and using some core muscles and looking very very cool.

Well, these guys have taken it to the next level and they are certainly making those calm morning paddles look boring. Few of us could handle the rapids of even a class 1 river on a kayak, much less class 3/4 and 5 standing up on a paddleboard. And these guys eat it up and make it look easy.

So you’ll find me on the quiet and flat early morning harbor with the birds and the rising sun and the solitude I seek when i’m not quite awake yet. And i’ll probably never take to the river; my heart beats out of my chest just watching this. But like lots of our other posts – it’s not necessarily about what we go and do – it’s about possibility and dreaming, daring to try it and maybe best of all – watching someone else nail it.

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