Great Wave at Maverick Hits a Fishing Boat

There are a few rules to follow as a boater – most revolve around safety and oh – ya know – staying in the boat. The very core of this video is upsetting for a few reasons. It just looks wrong to put a boat (full of people hanging off the sides) near, much less in front of, massive waves. We’ve seen the nuts on jet skis towing in surfers at big wave venues and that too looks so crazy, but they hustle out of the way with their speed and you rarely hear about them getting clobbered.

But this viral video is making its way around screens because it’s crazy, nuts, wild and insane. And dangerous. And crazy. Look and see. And let’s not even talk about the danger of putting spinning propellors near swimmers, surfers and massive boat-redirecting waves. I’m sweating just seeing the frozen YouTube still from the video.

What do you think? I’ve known fishermen to put powerboats inside a rock or shallow cove for the right casting position. But I try to keep my vessels and passengers free from breaking waves that might LAUNCH them over the sides. It’s just safer. Really.

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Grab some dramamine and hold on to your hat, because we are guessing you might click and watch the full length of┬áthis video even though 99% of us would never dare to go to sea in these conditions. Why is it so entertaining? For the same reason people chase ambulances, probably: It isn’t our problem. Safe and dry at our computer – it sure is hard to imagine what it would be like to ride these massive waves. Even when the video is shot from the bridge of a giant tanker or ship, it is hard to translate to how we might survive these conditions in our own little (by comparison) boats…. and yet we watch.

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