NEW VIDEO: Spraying 2-Part Primer & WetEdge Topside Paint

When Paralympic hopefuls, Sarah Skeels and Cindy Walker needed a sweet paint job for their new custom built carbon fiber seat for their Skud 18, Brendan knew just how to attack this very curvaceous seat. Leaving it in its carbon state was not an option because the black carbon fiber would be too hot for crew, Cindy to sit on in the summer months.

The paint job has to be durable to stand up to salt and spray, lots of use and plenty of travel as the boat is shipped all over the globe currently. The 2 ladies are vying for the only US spot on the 2016 Paralympic Skud 18 Sailing Team bound for Rio.  The Skud 18 is a 2 person boat and with 2 US teams competing for the one US berth – every single system aboard has to be top notch and as high performance as possible.

The paint job was an obvious contender for a spray job because of it’s shape. The bottom piece that attaches the seat to the boat (the actuator) is carbon and also needed paint and has even more curves and contours than the seat.

Brendan took it all up to our paint room, a small-ish room with a great ventilation system, a DOOR!  and less dust than the surrounding shop area which seems to make extra.  Watch this new video and see how easy it is to spray paint with the right tools and some great paints. The NEW TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer is due on shelves before the end of 2015 and makes for a great, very solid and high build finish, perfect for filling pinholes and creating a superior substrate on which to apply your finish coat.

Now you might question why Brendan applied a one-part paint over a 2-part primer. They are totally compatible and very durable in their own rights – so as long as the primer was applied correctly and sanded, cleaned and prepped for a topcoat, the very durable TotalBoat WetEdge Topside paint is a fine choice.  We were excited to see how nicely both paints went on with the sprayer and the flat finish of the WetEdge paint came out great.  Check out the video and then please LIKE and SHARE and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!


How to Roll & Tip Paint on your Topsides

Rolling and tipping paint on your boat’s topsides can be an intimidating task.  Proper preparation is key, as with any job, but the best paint job comes with practice and the right method of applying topside paint. In this video we call on TotalBoat Tech Team paint guru, Hillary, to show us how it’s done.

Hillary spent many years at Concordia painting the beautiful wooden topsides to glimmer like glass when done. Her tipping method is tried and true and she goes to great lengths to properly prepare all her materials, to get the brush just right and to thin and mix the TotalBoat Wet Edge one part polyurethane paint for perfect flow and a killer finish.

Watch and learn as Hillary and TotalBoat Total Expert, Eric, give new life to a tired paint job on a Quoddy 12 sailing dinghy. Not only does the boat look awesome in Fighting Lady Yellow, but it will protect the hull and turn heads in the process.

Treat yourself to a new pro-looking topside paint job in 2016. This video will help you do a pro job by yourself or with a friend. Good luck! Get painting!

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How to Pinstripe the Deck of a Chris Craft

Even when watching this video it looks difficult to achieve a straight line when painting a pin stripe on your boat’s deck. However the painter gives a few key tips and doesn’t seem stressed by the job at hand.  He takes his time, seems to have NOT had 5 cups of coffee to keep a steady hand and I am guessing has experience with previous jobs.

Make sure to practice on a similar set up to what you will be pinstriping so that you get the feel for the tool (he is using a Beughler pin striping tool) and sign makers paint but our WetEdge Topside paint (one part polyurethane) should do the trick nicely.

If you have other ways to pinstripe or ideas that would help get the job done, let us know in the comments section below. We love to hear about the many ways our customers get their boats dialed in and on the water.



“Paint Chip” Debuts on the Racecourse!

A few years ago, when my son was barely able to steer without help on his sailing camp’s Mercury sailboat, he was handed down a pretty beat up Optimist dinghy. It was better than Christmas when we went to drag the boat out of a leaf pile, under the tree of a very lovely fellow Yacht Club family.  The mom made some funny comments about the boat repair work her son had attempted on the boat years ago and wished us *luck* with the latest member of our fleet. And just like that an obsession was born. My now ten year old son, Oliver had his OWN boat to work on. He had big plans for repairing the ignored dents and a new paint job and oh my gosh – what would he name it? The ideas and dreams were circling inside his head and such is the story of yet another man (to-be) with big boat ideas and little practical knowledge. Continue reading

Ready for the Essex River Race

This weekend the Essex River Race will take over the shoreline and waters near Ipswich, Massachusetts.  And our TotalBoat Ambassador, Richard Honan, will be front and center with his beautiful, home built Adirondack Guide Boat.

After months of building and gallons of TotalBoat paints and epoxies, Richard is read to take his beautiful boat to the river. Check out the info below about the race and Richard’s boatbuilding page on TotalBoat Shop.

The Essex River Race is a 5.5+ mile open water event from the Essex River at Route 133 in Essex, out behind the barrier beaches of Ipswich and back. Participants row or paddle small boats through one of the most scenic tidal areas in New England. Occasionally the water can be very rough, with strong winds and currents. As with all on-water activities in such conditions, safety should be the first concern of all participants and organizers. The orderly, safe and sportsmanlike conduct of this event is your personal responsibility, and is essential to guaranteeing the future of the Essex River Race.

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TotalBoat Shop Night: Every Tuesday, Whether You Need it or Not!

We already told you all about the awesomeness of every Tuesday night that is Shop Night in this fun post from a few weeks ago… and the party hasn’t slowed down back there. In fact, it’s heating up. Boats are nearing completion and readying for the big dunking and the messy, frenzied state of the shop indicates heads are down, tools are in use and project lists are shortening.

This little video gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of a few of the projects going on – and we will continue to enlighten you with our Shop Night product testing and boat project madness as we go. We even have big plans to take you on the water as the boats launch and see what they get into over the summer.

Judging by the projects that have been brewing all winter, these vessels will be brightly varnished and painted, buffed to the max and ready for any and all action that comes their way on the water. And you’re coming along for the ride…hold on tight!

Steve is using WetEdge Topsides Paint on his Sunfish.
Brendan is using TotalTread non-skid paint on the “Dingleberry” tender
Rob is installing a Pop-Up Cleat on his Seacraft 20 “Flotsam”
Oliver and Oscar – they are using up scraps and delighting in touching every single tool in the shop…and making guns….


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Videos are constantly being made around here to enhance the #totalboat user experience. #tips and #tricks from the #experts #bostonWhaler #whalerblue #paint #wetedge @fishhawkfilms

Videos are constantly being made around here to enhance the #totalboat user experience. #tips and #tricks from the #experts #bostonWhaler #whalerblue #paint #wetedge @fishhawkfilms

TotalBoat on Instagram

Time to roll (and tip!) Brendan preps the #TotalBoat #WetEdge topside paint and is ready to paint his #StoneHorse #sailboat. #boatwork #preparation #paint #JamestownDistributors

Time to roll (and tip!) Brendan preps the #TotalBoat #WetEdge topside paint and is ready to paint his #StoneHorse #sailboat. #boatwork #preparation #paint #JamestownDistributors