What’s Your Story? – Jeff Nagle


Jeff Nagle and his father, Doug, of Erie, Pennsylvania purchased Altair in September of 2012, and have been working on her ever since. Last winter, this 29′ Rhodes received extensive overhaul on the decks and cabin top, but after splashing in that summer, the Nagles encountered some framing issues. The following winter, the two made the decision to bring her back inside and tear her down once again. They plan to replace a total of 24 of the frame bottoms. Based on Jeff’s current photos, however, we think she looks fantastic already! We can’t wait to see her next summer!

What’s Your Story? – Toby Goodrich & Renbrook School

Tiny sailors!

Tiny sailors!

Toby Goodrich sent us these photos of this school projects for one of our image contests, and his photos and story were so cute we had to write a post on it! He and his students spent 2 years building this St. Ayes skiff, the William S. Shipp, to showcase and race representing Renbrook School in West Hartford, Connecticut. These skiffs are part of a growing international class of amateur boat-building that Toby and his students have joined. The team participates in events like the annual Mystic Seaport Wooden Boat Show and the 2013 North American Championships; during the latter, they beat the Canadians and lost a very close final heat to another skiff, Rocking the Boat, from the Bronx.

Our favorite part of Toby’s story, however, would have to be their boat launching methods. On the team’s “Defenestration Day”, they removed the finished skiff from the shop. In order to remove the boat from the building while leaving both hull and house intact, they removed a window and sent their project out of it! To the builders of the William S. Shipp, the TotalBoatShow Team salutes your outside-the-toolbox thinking, which is nothing to “throw out the window”!