Winter Winch Service Tips

People tuned in to ask questions when we posted the last winch service blog post so we thought it might be nice to show you another way to get the job done. Specifically, it is beneficial to be able to remove the winch from the boat, which the other video did not show, as the winch service was executed right on board (and in some sweaty conditions.)

The folks over at Concordia Yachts know a thing or two about winches. And if they recommend seasonal removal, greasing and inspection, you should make sure this is on your to-do list for the winter season. A ceased winch is no fun and can even be dangerous! Making sure all the gears and pawls are in good working order is simple – an ugly winch-cident on the water when you are rendered helpless by a stuck or frozen winch can be far more serious and certainly even costly.

We sell a complete Harken Winch Service Kit which includes pawls and springs, Harken Winch Grease and even new Harken Winches… check out this helpful video and get working on your winches while it’s too cold to paint or varnish and while we dream of saltier times…



End of Season Winch Service

This is a great time to think about servicing your winches to have them ready for spring when your mind might be thinking of painting, waxing, the bottom of the boat and other commissioning items. IT’s a great idea to think of winch service as a fall project and this video helps you with all the various moving parts and pieces – all of which require attention and inspection and many of which will want to be greased.

Skip takes you aboard his Swan 42 and shows you one way to deal with winches if you are not interested in removing the winch from it’s seat. We recommend removing the winch whenever possible and bringing it to your workbench or a stable area where parts and pieces can’t get lost. It will also save your deck from lots of messy grease and staining that no one wants to deal with.


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#winches in remission Cleaned in Formula 21 #shopnight doesn't discriminate #totalboat

#winches in remission Cleaned in Formula 21 #shopnight doesn’t discriminate #totalboat