Join us for SHOP NIGHT on the TotalBoat LIVE Shop Cam

As Shop Night gets underway for the 2016-2017 season, we invite you to come behind the scenes into the TotalBoat Shop via our new LIVE ShopCam.  We meet every Wednesday evening to get dirty and get our boats in better condition for next summer.  Our ShopCam can move around, and if you like something you see, we can move the cam closer to let you see more.

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How to Build the TotalBoat Work Skiff – Episode 7

Finally Louis Sauzedde, the master shipwright, is ready to put some planks along the sides of a single form to confirm that he really is building a work skiff. The 2 side planks alone, once joined to the bow stem and the newly constructed transom, show the form of the boat coming together and it is going to be a head turner, once completed. Check out this 7th video in the series and soak in Lou’s years of experience and confidence, that is allowing him to build this skiff without multiple forms and confusing plans.

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Making You Look Good by Making Us Work Hard

This ^ is ERIC. TotalBoat Show peeps, meet the brains behind the product testing and lots of the product development at JD/ TotalBoat. Eric works tirelessly to run and maintain the TotalBoat Workshop where we test and test and test again each and every TotalBoat product we sell and many we are working on developing. He is a boat owner, a DIY-er, a TotalBoat video star and a friendly face in the JD storefront on occasion – amongst many other things.

You might recognize Eric from many of the Product videos on TotalBoat’s You Tube Channel (are you a subscriber? please subscribe!) and you will continue to know Eric as the TotalBoat video king, helping you get your projects done well through our series of Product Breakdown videos and popular How-To videos.

Recently in our customer survey, we discovered that you all LOVE our videos and we are thankful for that. Because we believe that when we can simplify and help you with your boating projects – whether it’s with our great Tech help team that you can reach on the phone or even video chat with (yes! you can FaceTime our tech help to show them your project!) or by creating great how-to videos – that you know we have you covered and we CARE about how your project turns out. ERIC cares about how your project turns out. He does. And just the other day here, we were jammed in a hot boat with a nasty bilge, making a video about how to best UN-nasty your bilge using (of course) our TotalBilge Paint.


See? See how happy Eric looks to be helping you get your bilge looking marvelous?

It’s just another example of how Jamestown Distributors and TotalBoat are doing everything possible to make sure you have everything you need – including the know-how – to nail your project and make your boat better with less stress and at a great value. Period. We care. Now go subscribe to our YouTube Channel, pretty please. Thanks! And stay tuned for this great video about spiffing up your bilges. Coming soon!

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Grain’s Northeast Hand Plane Tour = Bodysurfing Magic

In Grain’s world, handplane shaping is like a gateway drug.  And their traveling handplane workshops are short and sweet opportunities to try your hand with some fun edge tools and come away with a sweet little surf-craft complete with the coolest strap system you’ve ever seen.

This summer, we’re celebrating 10 years of building and sharing by visiting shops in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York where they’ll set up our communal handplane shaping table and bust out some shavings.  Check here for more info and sign up online to ensure a spot at the table.

Tuition includes the wood, handstrap and hardware, our guidance and the use of all the tools necessary to create your own wave sliding masterpiece.

Here’s the list of stops on the handplane tour, including some local pals down along the coast at Water Brothers in Newport and Matunuck Surf Shop. Check out a workshop and get addicted to bodysurfing with a handplane. (and to shaping it yourself!)

Maine Surfers Union   July 9th          2-6pm    (Portland, ME)
Greenlines                  July 23rd        4-8pm    (Montauk, NY)
WaterBros                  July 26th       10-2pm   (Newport, RI)
Matunuck Surf Shop  July 31st        3-7pm     (Matunuck, RI)
Noreaster                   August 2nd    10-2pm   (Scituate, MA)
Sick Days                   August 4th     3-7pm     (Wellfleet, MA)

Charlotte: A Wooden Boat Story – Making a Futtock

It isn’t hard to be impressed with wooden boatbuilders Ross Gannon & Nat Benjamin. For nearly 40 years G&B have launched pristine wooden boats that they have painstakingly designed and built, refit or repaired from their impressive marine railway in Vineyard Haven harbor on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

A few years ago, a documentary film named Charlotte: A Wooden Boat Story, was released. It can be viewed in its entirety online here, on DVD or in short pieces, like the one featured above.

TotalBoat and Jamestown Distributors are proud to feature the work of Gannon and Benjamin in our latest catalog, on the Go Deeper page of TotalBoat Show and here. If you find yourself in Vineyard Haven on Martha’s Vineyard, be sure to go check out the shop and the very cool working marine railway. Few yards still employ the railway technique of launching boats in favor or a Travelift, and when you find a yard with a busy railway – it most surely is a sign of badass boatwork going on nearby. When you find G&B or a cool railway, be sure to tell them (all of them) that TotalBoat Show sent you! Enjoy!

TotalBond SUP Repair


This gallery contains 6 photos.

Welcome to ShopNight In less than 8 minutes Mike fixed his paddle board with our TotalBond adhesive. The board looks as good as new in no time flat.   Nice work Mike!  

Customer Spotlight – Bill Benson

William Benson-DECK William Benson-CABIN

New York artist Bill Benson blew us away with his beautiful work. We looked him up on his website,, and his artwork is just as fabulous as the work he’s done on this sailboat. Bill tells us that this 36′ wooden sloop arrived in his yard in November of 2007, and that all of this work on this sailboat was done by turning his back deck into a portable workshop! For the past six summers, he’s moved all his power tools out there to work on large pieces of the boat, whose major changes included entirely replacing not only the cabin walls, but the interior and cockpit areas as well.  After so much time spent on her, Bill says he knows this sailboat inside and out, and he should hopefully have her in the water by this summer.

Kemosabe Hardtop, part 1

Kemosabe, a 21′ Bristol Harbor, was pinned under a dock during hurricane Sandy, hungup by her t-top that stood no chance of escape once the tides came up with a vengeance. The soft top and the frame pipes were totaled when all was said and done.  The hull was spared.  The engine never went under.  And that is cool.  That is where this story begins.

Kemosabe Hardtop, part 1:
We first made a mold- and then a paper template.  We measured everything a hundred times and plotted our materials exactly to minimize added material costs or product waste wherever we could help it.  Once our mold and paper templates were complete, we plotted our three sheets of core material.  Filling the final corner as you will see in the pictures was a jigsaw puzzle for a jigsaw puzzle genius as we had minimum supply in various cut shapes to work with by the time we got to this last section.

With core material in place and edges cut to clean radius, we taped up the seems to hold everything in place and went on to complete two layers of glass/epoxy before flipping the project over for the first time.  Note on taping the core seems.  In the pictures above wherever you see dark strips of tape holding the core seems in place, know you are looking at temporary tape solution that we replaced with clear drywall tape solution before we laid glass and epoxy directly on top of the core with drywall tape without any problems.  The drywall tape solution worked very well.

On to the underside: The underside prep required structural cuts and added reinforcement blocks as first order of business.  We cut the channel you see down the middle first.  This is for electrical wires we will snake through later on.  We added structural blocks of wood to wherever we knew we would be drilling into down the road to securely attached the top to the pipework.  With the electrical channel hallowed out and the wood blocks secured in place (Thixo!) we were ready to glass our underside with two layers of glass and totalboat epoxy, two layers of epoxy on underside just like we did on the top.

Will be lots of fairing compound and sanding to come… sand, baby, sand.